wp-SwimTeam v0.2.484 available

A new version of wp-SwimTeam has been posted.  This releases fixes a couple minor bugs which prevented display of swim meet information in certain situations when scratching or registering from a swim meet.  This version also introduces two new features:

  1. Open or Close the registration system. When the registration system is open, users can register their swimmers for the current season.  When the registration system is closed, only an Admin or Editor can register swimmers.  This setting appears on the Registration tab from the Options sub-menu.
  2. Enable or disable user sign ups for jobs. When the job system is set for user sign ups, a user can sign up for any open job.  When the job system is set for admin sign up, users with either Admin or Editor roles can sign users up for jobs.  This second mode is good for teams where a paper or Excel list is used for job sign ups.  This setting appears on the Swim Team tab from the Options sub-menu.

wp-SwimTeam 0.1.442 available

This evening I posted a v0.1.442 of wp-SwimTeam on the download page.  There isn’t a lot of new functionality which is visible yet but this released fixes a couple things I ran into getting ready for the MacDolphins 2010 season.

Updating a season now allows a prior year to be selected – the year range now shows 3 years prior and 7 years after the current year.  Most of the success and error messages now use the WordPress styling where they appear near the top of the page in a colored box.  There are probably a few I missed but most of them should work correctly.

This release also exposes the start of the results import although it doesn’t currently do anything other than load the file and do some basic parsing on it to make sure it is a valid SDIF results file.  The data is not currently stored in the database.

Sandbox-LEGO theme update

Sandbox LEGO ThemeThis afternoon I posted an update to my Sandbox-LEGO theme.  In the process of developing my CASL Soccer theme I had figured out how to do a couple things which I have wanted to incorporate into Sandbox-LEGO.  It wasn’t a lot of work but I also decided to spend the time to re-write the Bourne Shell script which I use to generate CSS files for the various color schemes.  Instead of duplicating a bunch of code I implemented it as a series of functions which are called with the various color settings.  Fairly trivial looking back on it, not sure why I hadn’t done it in the first place.  It should make adding a new color scheme much faster.

LEGO Theme released

This afternoon I finally had a few minutes to fix a couple of issues and release my LEGO theme.  This theme is currently in use on my LEGO web site.  The theme free to download and use.  There are still a couple minor nits with it which I need to fix and I want to add a couple more color schemes but I wanted to get it out.  It supports four colors schemes – red, blue, green, and yellow.  Enjoy.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.417 – Meet Report Shortcode

I posted wp-SwimTeam v0.1.417 this afternoon to the download page.  This update adds new functionality and fixes a few minor things which have bothered me as I found them during the season.

The big new feature is a new shortcode – wpst_meet_report.  This shortcode allows a the contents of a meet report to appear in a post or a page like this example on the wp-SwimTeam demo site.

The reports also now support hiding first and last names by only showing the initial as well as the ability to override the first name with a nickname if the swimmer’s profile has one.  The missing ability to display a map on the swim meet report has been added so the checkbox on the form is now enabled.  The reports can now display opt-in and opt-out information chronologically in the order they were added to the system as well as the previously available by name and by swimmer label.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.406 – fixes to reports

This evening I posted a new build of wp-SwimTeam to the downloads page.  This version fixes an unusual situation where the swimmer reports would fail to work when no optional swimmer fields we defined.

I also fixed another issue with optional fields (user and swimmer) where if the number of fields in use was set to 0 in the Options settings, the system would revert to the default (5) number of fields.

Over the past week or so I have also posted a couple updates without posting an announcement.  Most of the improvements were in the reporting and SDIF generation.  Reports for Swim Meets can now include multiple meets on the same report and the SDIF options page has a new option to allow overriding the first name with the nickname when exporting the roster in SDIF format.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.400

A quick update that fixes exactly one issue – v0.1.400 is now on the download page.  I unleashed the opt-in/opt-out system on the MacDolphins today and quickly found that having the Participation column with “Register” and “Scratch” displayed for the users was confusing as parents thought that the Register or Scratch wording indicated the statue of their swimmers.  For now I have removed the column and I will add the ability for parents to see a summary of their Registers and Scratches.