wp-SwimTeam v1.0.516 available, fixes Jobs bugs

I have just uploaded a new build of wp-SwimTeam which addresses the bugs in the Jobs module I posted about last night.  The bug would partially allocate a job but it would fail resulting in incomplete data in the database.  The build fixes that bug.

If you had allocated jobs and can’t see them to sign up for them, the database records in the job allocation table may have to be removed manually.  If you need help, contact me.

wp-SwimTeam plugin – updated 2/24/2011 @ 17:21


wp-SwimTeam v1.0.514 available for download

A new release of wp-SwimTeam is now available.  This release addresses a number of issues encountered when running on a server with PHP 5.3.5 installed.  This release requires the phpHtmlLib plugin to be updated to v2.6.2.3545 or later.

Make sure you backup your database before installing this update.  This update also fixes some database table issues, deleting fields and columns which have been deprecated.  Please report any issues you find, I have tried to test everything but I may have missed something!

wp-SwimTeam plugin – updated 2/20/2011 @ 18:11

phpHtmlLib v2.6.2.3545 available

Update:  Bad link fixed!  2/21/2011

An update to the phpHtmlLib plugin which wp-SwimTeam depends on is now available.  This update addresses a number of issues found running against PHP 5.3.5, the latest release of PHP.  There are number of changes between PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x which were exposed and have been addressed.  This update is ABSOLUTELY necessary for anyone running on a server which has PHP 5.3.x installed.

wp-SwimTeam plugin – updated 2/20/2011 @ 18:11

Preparing for a new release

I’ve been working on wp-SwimTeam over the past couple days and fixed a lot of minor issues and a couple of bigger ones and one critical one in phpHtmlLib.  The change in phpHtmlLib is absolutely required to support WordPress 3.0 and later so it will be necessary to update the phpHtmlLib plugin in addition to the latest update.

This upcoming release of wp-SwimTeam is ONLY being tested against WordPress 3.0.x (3.0.4 in my case).  It may work fine with 2.9.x but I do not plan to test it.  This upcoming release also tweaks the database, dropping columns that are no longer used.  This is primarily an issue with the Users and Swimmers table where there were some remnants left from the previous implementation of optional fields.  Make sure you backup your database prior to installing!

The release should be available in the next day or two.

Potential Bug follow up

I had some airplane seat time over the last couple days and had a chance to look into the potential bug thatI posed about a couple days ago.  I have not discovered the source of the bug yet, I am even more convinced it is from a plugin conflict of some sort.

However, in the process of trying to find it I enabled some WordPress debug features and found a bunch of little things wrong with wp-SwimTeam.  Prior to WordPress 3.0 most of these either didn’t happen or didn’t matter and the end user never was exposed to them.  I have spent a fair amount of time cleaning them up as they DO matter in 3.0.x and still have a few more to do.

I hope to have a new release out by the end of the week.

wp-SwimTeam v0.2.503 released

This morning I finally had some time to track down the bug that was manifesting itself on the User tab on the Report page.  This was a tricky one to find as it worked fine in my development area but not for our own swim team site (MacDolphins.org).

It turns out that if you had the right combination of user options turned on and they were Yes-No options, the filters were not being created correctly which resulted in the form not being displayed for the user.  While tracking this down I also realized that the filters only worked for Yes-No options and not for No-Yes options which they should have been.  So that has been corrected too although now that I think about it, the fix probably wasn’t applied to the Swimmer Report, only the User Report.

I have posted v0.2.503 which is available from the download page.  I strongly encourage anyone using wp-SwimTeam to upgrade as this bug could be a PITA!

Bugs and WP 3.0.1 testing

I have finally had some time to do testing against WordPress 3.0.1 and in the process, I have ran into a couple bugs that I need to fix.  So far I haven’t found any issues running against WP 3.0.1 itself, the things I’ve run into would be an issue with any version of WordPress.  These are known issues:

  • Critical:  Adding a Season will fail with an error regarding an Unsupported Action.  This failure is due to a typo in a constant.  I am not aware of a work-around.
  • Critical:  The Users tab on the Manage menu yields a blank screen.  The cause is unknown and I am not aware of a work-around.

I hope to have these bugs fixed later this week and fully qualify WordPress 3.0.1.

wp-SwimTeam v0.2.500 now available

The MacDolphins summer swim season ended this past Tuesday but there are few things I wanted to fix while they are still fresh in my mind.

Our volunteer coordinator had asked me if I could make it so she could export the Job Assignment Report to Excel.  When I got into it I realized that the approach I was taking with the original Job Assignment Report was based on an old report and I really should have based it on the Users report.

Since the Job Assignment Report leverages the User information, I was able to base the new Job Assignment Report on the classes for the User reports.  This was absolutely the right decision as it saved me from writing a bunch of new code which would be similar to. if not exactly the same as, the code for the User Report.

This release fixes a couple of minor nits but mainly it introduces a new Job Report which can be exported as a CSV file which is easily manipulated with Excel.  The report can also be generated as a HTML table and allows the user to specify which fields are to be included in the report.

wp-SwimTeam v0.2.491 now available

This afternoon I posted a new version of wp-SwimTeam.  This version adds e-mail confirmation to the opt-in/opt-out process.  It now behaves much like registration does, sending a confirmation e-mail to the swimmer’s guardian and to the e-mail address configured to receive opt-in/opt-out notifications.

There were a also a few minor bugs addressed but nothing of any real consequence.