wp-SwimTeam v1.4.0-beta-3 available

This morning I resolved my Subversion problems with phpHtmlLib and have posted v1.40 beta 3 of wp-SwimTeam.  This release cleans up the Roster Export functionality which had become cumbersome as more formats were added.  Instead of multiple choices from the dropdown menu, there is a single choice (Export Roster) which brings up a new form which allows the user some control over how much of the roster is exported and in what format(s).


This release is dependent on an update to phpHtmlLib so make sure you update it before loading this beta version.  You must be running phpHtmlLib v2.6.7 or later for this new Export Roster functionality to work correctly.

wp-SwimTeam Beta (7174 downloads ) Email Users Beta (16522 downloads )

wp-SwimTeam v1.33.949 now available

After a day of testing on the MacDolphins site without any issues, I have released v1.33.949.  There are no changes between this build and the v1.33 beta build except the version number and the removal of the beta tag.

This build fixes a number of problems related to swimmer and user data which surfaced after I changed the database queries I was using in v.1.32.

  • Fixed bug which prevented generating roster report.
  • Fixed bug which prevented scratching swimmers from Meet tab.
  • Added additonal table to Meet Report when operating in Stroke mode which reports number of swimmers Opting In or Opting Out per age group.
  • Completed first phase Meet Entries export in Hy-tek HY3 format. Not exposed on the GUI yet.
  • Fixed bug which prevented Job Reminder emails from being sent.

You can find the update on the Download & Installation page or in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

wp-SwimTeam v1.33-beta.948 now available

This afternoon I posted an early build of wp-SwimTeam v1.33.  You can download it and manually install it if you would like to try it.  This build addresses a number of bugs which I introduced by changing the SQL in v1.32 for querying user data as it relates to swimmers.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.  I plan to release this later today after some more testing.

Download:  [download#14]

If you run into any problems, please let me know.  I’d like to release this update in the next day or so.

wp-SwimTeam v1.32.931 now available

After a few days of testing on the MacDolphins site without any issues, I have decided to go ahead and release v1.32.931.  There are no changes between this build and the beta build except the version number and the removal of the beta tag.

The primary feature in this update is new SQL which addresses performance problems when working with user data, particularly when is relates to swimmers.  The Job Commitment Report was particularly noticeable in how slow it was (4-5 minutes) if it completed at all.  The SQL addresses that performance problem however since it used extensively across the plugin I wanted to make sure I hadn’t broken something else.

You can find the update on the Download & Installation page or in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Beta build of v1.32 available

This evening I posted an early build of wp-SwimTeam v1.32.  You can download and manually install it if you would like to try it.  This build introduces new SQL to address some pretty serious performance problems querying user data as it relates to swimmers.

For several weeks our Swim Team Chair has been telling me there is a problem with the Job Commitment Report.  I have been chasing this problem only to have it “go away” and start working correctly.  I finally figure out that it was related to the large number of users registered with the site (we have almost 300).  I was able  replicate the problem by creating a large number of dummy users in my development database.  The manifestation of the problem was most evident on the Job Commitments Report.  The page would “go away” and give the appearance of a hung process. In some cases the report would finish but might take 4-5 minutes (ugh), in others it would timeout and return an error.

I had to solve a similar problem for the Email Users plugin last week so once I figured that one out, it dawned on me what the problem with wp-SwimTeam might be.  Fixing it in wp-SwimTeam is a little more involved because of the database table relationships are a little more complicated.  I’ve learned a lot about JOIN ON this week and this beta release represents completely new SQL for querying user data.

I’ve been through all of the tabs and forms at least once but there is a chance I’ve missed something.  I am running this beta build on the MacDolphins web site and if I don’t run into anything over the next few days, I’ll go ahead and release it.

Download:  [download#14]

If you run into any problems, please let me know.  I’d like to release this update in the next day or so.

wp-SwimTeam v1.19 beta available for testing

I flew out to Phoenix and back this week and had some airplane time to work on wp-SwimTeam.  I have completed what I am calling “Phase 2” of the Event Model changes.  Events can now be assigned to a swim meet AND the Opt-In/Opt-Out system is working in the Event Mode (which I had broken in v1.18).

The majority of the work in this build is related to Events and their connection to swim meets which is the precursor to Phase 3 which will be the generation of Meet Entries in SDIF format that can be imported into tools like MeetManager and WinSwim.  I have also fixed quite a few bugs in the report manager which were present when either the User or Swimmer option count was set to zero.  There was some logic that didn’t test right and would result in using the default count which is 5.  So if you have seen checkboxes without labels on the User or Swimmer report generator, this has been fixed.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.  I am doing some testing with our team right now and we have our pre-season open house this weekend which tends to result in a good chunk of our registrations.  Assuming all goes well, I’ll release an update to the WordPress repository early next week if not sooner.


Definite bug in Swim Meet Report short code

There is definitely an issue with the Swim Meet Report, particularly the opt-in/opt-out list, produced by the wpst_meet_report short code.  It produces different results depending on whether or not a user is logged in to the web site and what WordPress capabilities the user has.  I hope to have a solution this morning as it is causing a fair amount of confusion with my own team!

Possible Bug in Meet Report Short Code

I noticed an inconsistency on our meet opt-in/opt-out page (which is based on the short code) earlier this week and it was also seen by another team.  I suspect there is a bug that I need to track down.  In my case the report generated from the short code didn’t include all of the swimmers that the meet report generated from the Options->Reports->Swim Meets tab on the Dashboard included.  In looking at it, the Dashboard report was correct, the short code report was not.  I plan to chase this down in the next day or so.

wp-SwimTeam v1.8.642 now available

Over the past week or so I’ve been working on some new functionality that is finally ready to go.  The opt-in/opt-out module has been based on strokes since the initial implementation and this model worked well for the MacDolphins but some other teams prefer to register (or scratch) swimmers on a per event basis.

Events have been supported for a while but other than adding them to a swim meet, nothing has been done with them.  The existing event functionality is the basis for the results work I hope to complete some day.  Because the Event information is already defined, allowing the Opt-In/Opt-Out module to be based on the actual events was pretty straight forward.  There is a new setting on the Options->Swim Team tab which controls which Opt-In/Opt-Out model wp-SwimTeam uses (Event or Stroke).  By default it will continue to use Stroke since that was the original functionality.

The new functionality had a ripple effect across much of the plugin, causing changes to the Reports module and other places too.  While working on the Reports I decided to expose the Job Assignments and Swimmers Reports for all users however non-admin users will only see their own job assignments or their own swimmers.  This new functionality also came from one of the MacDolphins parents who wanted to be able to see which jobs she had signed up for.  In the same conversation, another parent asked me if I could make it so she could see if she had scratched her swimmers.  These two requests led to exposing some of the Reports in a limited fashion to all users.

The last major feature is the ability to run a report that shows the parents of active swimmers and their status against the volunteer (jobs) commitment set by the team (set it to zero for no commitment).  This is a feature our volunteer coordinator has been after me to implement for some time.  While the Report works fine, it is a little slow, particularly the first time it is run so be patient.

The new version modifies the database tables so PLEASE BACKUP your database before you install it.  I don’t expect any issues and I’ve been running it on the MacDolphins site for the last two days but it is always a good idea to backup your database before upgrading.

There are a few other minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes that I made while working on these improvements.  I ran into one very odd bug that only exposed itself on Chrome – I’ve changed the Load All Events functionality because the Javascript that pulled all of the events from one list box to another didn’t work on Chrome.

There are still some things to improve – I’d like the list of events a swimmer can be registered for be limited to the events for their age group but don’t have good solution for that right now.  I am considering using icons across the action bar instead of the drop down menu.  I had moved away from buttons because they didn’t fit but the dropdown actions are confusing so don’t be surprised to see icons in the near future if I can find some I like!

The WordPress plugin repository has been updated so the plugin should begin to auto-update soon too but in the meantime, you can find the latest release on the download page.

Finished the Job Commitment Report

This evening I finished the Job Commitment Report.  I am not sure why but I had a tough time getting going on this one.  It will appear as a new tab on the Reports menu and will report the total number of credits a user has committed to for the requested season.  The report is limited to the users who have swimmers registered for the specified season.

While working on this new functionality I also found a couple of minor bug which I have also fixed.  One of the bug failed to account for a swimmer unregistering for a season so they still would have been seen as active.

I hope to have a release  out in the next day or so.