Google Changing Google Forms again?!?

Earlier today I was alerted to the possibility of Google changing Google Forms again.  Based on my reading, I think it is more than a possibility, it looks like a done deal to me.  This is a major change.

That doesn’t look very good.  Not only does it not look very good, it doesn’t work either.  I have no idea when Google will roll this out.  Almost certainly before I can update the plugin.  Based on my quick look at the HTML of the new form, it is very different than what Google has been generating for a number of years.

The biggest change is Google appears to be using their own custom DIV elements instead of real HTML INPUT elements for things like radio buttons and checkboxes.  I can’t think of why this could/would be a good thing but I am sure there is some rationale behind it. These news forms require Javascript from Google to work and it looks like the actual form submission process is also different.

So … it looks like a lot to figure out at a time when I  am really busy at work.  I am hoping this isn’t wide spread for a while as I don’t expect to have much free time until the Christmas holidays arrive and work will slow down a bit.

7 thoughts on “Google Changing Google Forms again?!?

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  2. Thanks for your work Michael!
    I’m having some problems, but I’m not sure if it’s caused by the new forms or not.

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  6. Hi Mike.

    Great Plugin.

    Your plugin used to work perfectly, but now I’m having a bit of a issue as it dosent redirect to a thank you page after the form is filled.

    Is there a problem with the upgrade to wordpress 4.5.1 ?


    • Redirect issues are usually due to Javascript errors on the page preventing the redirect from firing. Have you made any changes which would cause a Javascript error? These are usually pretty easy to find with a tool like Firebug or Chrome’s Element Inspector.

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