Email Users v4.8.0-beta-2 available

I received a new translation (Danish) and updated all of the other translation files for Email Users and have rolled out a new beta release.  There is no new functionality in this beta release as compared to beta-1.

If you have the ability to update a translation, please contact me so I can get you the source files.

Email Users Beta (5450 downloads )

2 thoughts on “Email Users v4.8.0-beta-2 available

  1. I can no longer use Control A to select all users in Email Users. I like to use Control A and then use the Control key to unselect the few I don’t want to receive a particular note. Also using Email Users (as opposed to Email Groups) I have to manually start typing each users name to select it, then the list goes away, and I have to start typing in the next user’s name so if I want say 25 names selected, I have to enter one and then bring up the whole list again to select the next one, it doesn’t stay open

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