Preparing for a new release

I’ve been working on wp-SwimTeam over the past couple days and fixed a lot of minor issues and a couple of bigger ones and one critical one in phpHtmlLib.  The change in phpHtmlLib is absolutely required to support WordPress 3.0 and later so it will be necessary to update the phpHtmlLib plugin in addition to the latest update.

This upcoming release of wp-SwimTeam is ONLY being tested against WordPress 3.0.x (3.0.4 in my case).  It may work fine with 2.9.x but I do not plan to test it.  This upcoming release also tweaks the database, dropping columns that are no longer used.  This is primarily an issue with the Users and Swimmers table where there were some remnants left from the previous implementation of optional fields.  Make sure you backup your database prior to installing!

The release should be available in the next day or two.

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