Bugs and WP 3.0.1 testing

I have finally had some time to do testing against WordPress 3.0.1 and in the process, I have ran into a couple bugs that I need to fix.  So far I haven’t found any issues running against WP 3.0.1 itself, the things I’ve run into would be an issue with any version of WordPress.  These are known issues:

  • Critical:  Adding a Season will fail with an error regarding an Unsupported Action.  This failure is due to a typo in a constant.  I am not aware of a work-around.
  • Critical:  The Users tab on the Manage menu yields a blank screen.  The cause is unknown and I am not aware of a work-around.

I hope to have these bugs fixed later this week and fully qualify WordPress 3.0.1.

wp-SwimTeam v0.2.488 – bug for scratches

There was a bug in the scratch process where if you started on the Meets tab when the Scratch action was selected, there was not a list of swimmers presented for the user to scratch.  When starting on the Roster page and selecting a swimmer to scratch did work properly.  The bug has been fixed and v0.2.488 is now available for download and both paths, starting with a meet or starting with a swimmer, now work correctly.  The same bug would have affected Opt-In meets as well.

Early WordPress 3.0 testing

WordPress 3.0 is expected to be out sometime in May.  I figured I ought to do some basic testing to see if changes to WordPress would have any significant impact on wp-SwimTeam.

I have a Linux Virtual Machine which I have set up such that I can always run the bleeding edge of WordPress – right out of the Subversion repository.  When a new version of WordPress is ready to come out I update my Linux VM with the current state of WordPress and the current state of wp-SwimTeam and run some tests.

I started doing this a couple weeks ago and got busy and never finished it.  This morning, I got back to it.  It turns out, it didn’t run very well.  Both wp-SwimTeam and phpHtmlLib plugins were calling deprecated WordPress functions.  In releases prior to 3.0, there were no warnings about calling a deprecated function but 3.0 has a new warning feature.  The way it is implemented, the warnings actually caused a failure with phpHtmlLib which resulted in WordPress not successfully loading.

I have fixed the problems in both plugins and committed the changes.  However, I have not released new builds yet so until I do, I advise sticking with the 2.9.x release of WordPress.  I expect a new build later this week at the latest.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.456 now available

Quick turn-around on a release as there was a bug which was really bothering me.  The Opt-In/Opt-Out report was pulling swimmer label from the active season regardless of which season a meet was created against.  This was fine for the current season but messed up reports from any prior season.

The report now pulls swimmer labels from the season that the meet is created against so looking back a a report from last season or two seasons ago will still show correctly.

Current Known Issues

Here is a list of known issues with the current (v0.1.450) release:

  • Roster CSV export does not work. Fixed in v0.1.455.
  • Scratch/Register lists all meets instead of only meets for active season.
  • There a couple of debug strings still displayed. Fixed in v0.1.455.
  • Global Update does not include Status.
  • Scratch and Registration reports look at current season for swimmer labels instead of the season the meet was created for. Fixed in v0.1.456.

Roster Report Bug

There is a bug in the Roster Report CSV export feature. The exported roster will not contain any swimmers. The HTML report is fine, only the CSVExport is affected. I will try and fix this in the next day or two.

wp-SwimTeam 0.1.442 available

This evening I posted a v0.1.442 of wp-SwimTeam on the download page.  There isn’t a lot of new functionality which is visible yet but this released fixes a couple things I ran into getting ready for the MacDolphins 2010 season.

Updating a season now allows a prior year to be selected – the year range now shows 3 years prior and 7 years after the current year.  Most of the success and error messages now use the WordPress styling where they appear near the top of the page in a colored box.  There are probably a few I missed but most of them should work correctly.

This release also exposes the start of the results import although it doesn’t currently do anything other than load the file and do some basic parsing on it to make sure it is a valid SDIF results file.  The data is not currently stored in the database.

Known Issues with v0.1.377

Last nigth the MacDolphins had our kickoff party – a fun event before practice starts on Tuesday. In getting ready for the event I ran into a couple things that I will fix over the next couple days. These are the things that I found don’t work correctly:

  1. Swimmer labels can be reassigned even when the labels are locked for a season.
  2. Swimmers labels are not exported to CSV from the Swimmers Report.
  3. CSV export for Roster fails from Roster Tab.
  4. Scratch fails with array out of bounds error.

I also changed how the registration e-mail works yesterday. Instead of filling out the e-mail template with the information from the user actually doing the registration, it uses the information from the Primary Contact.  I am finding that a number of parents are asking if I can “just take care of it” for them.  This change allows them to receive the e-mail even if the Admin performs the registration on their behalf.  This change is already committed and I used it last night but hasn’t been released in a build yet.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.376 – bug fixes for Add/Register Swimmer

In the build I posted yesterday there were a couple of bugs which prevented the auto-registration feature to work when a swimmer is added.  There was also a bug in the age verification which allowed swimmers outside of the age range to added to the system and then registered for the active season.

If you download v0.1.375 yesterday, you will want to download v0.1.376 and update the plugin.