Update to wp-SwimTeam v1.17.707 required for any v1.16.x installation

If you updated to any of the wp-SwimTeam v1.16.x releases you must update again to v1.17.707.  I inadvertently introduced a bug which prevented almost all of the registration (season, swim meet, etc.) actions.  I quickly fixed this bug once I became aware of it, I apologize for any inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “Update to wp-SwimTeam v1.17.707 required for any v1.16.x installation

  1. Hello,

    I am the founder of OpenSwimSoftware and a former USASwimming swimmer in Michigan. I have developed a few web based applications for my former swim team(volunteering, carpooling, and meet sign-ups). I wish to develop further but have run into the issue of compatibility with the closed box formats that Hytek uses. In my search I came across your plugin which seems to integrate well with the current systems, but when I downloaded the plugin I found no licensing attached. I am curious under what terms you would like your code treated as I believe it my help me greatly in building a more open solution to compete with Team Unify, but do not feel comfortable even looking at the code without an understand of the license.


    • Being a WordPress plugin hosted in the WordPress plugin repository, it is licensed under the GPL. You are free to download it and do whatever you want with it under the GPL. You obviously can’t resell it as your own work and if you use the code you need to re-distribute it but if you’re just looking for ideas, feel free to poke through it.

      I took a look at your web site (OpenSwimSoftware.com), I think my WordPress plugin already handles much of what you’re proposing. Before you roll your own framework, you may want to take a look at WordPress, you get an awful lot of functionality for free to build your solution upon. That is exactly why I chose WordPress, I didn’t seen any need to reinvent the wheel for 75% of the functionality (e.g. blog, e-mail, user registration, etc.) isn’t unique to Swimming.

      I would also recommend you join the SDIF Forum mailing list. A number of people share their ideas and experiences working with Swim Data.

  2. Currently OpenSwimSoftware is running DNN for a CMS but I am actually building my own WMS(Website CMS) on top of the Kohana Framework as a completely separate project. Its main purpose actually is to fill the gap for an easy to use CMS that is normally filled by WordPress, but to be built as a CMS from the ground up instead of a blogging platform.

    My current swimming software is build on Adobe Flex, but I am planning on porting it over once the WMS is complete. I will most certainly join the list thanks for your info, you might want to stick a license file in with your download.

    If I do end up using any of the code I will make sure to put the modified source on Github under the GPLv3 and a link back to your module.

    Good luck and I will make sure to send you the links on any code that might help

    • Sounds good, good luck with your project. There is no doubt the Swimming community needs viable options besides the closed up Hy-tek solution. TeamUnify is pretty expensive, often out of the budget for the neighborhood swim teams in our area which is why I think so many either roll their own or go without.

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