Custom Confirmation problems with v0.26

In v0.26 of WordPress Google Form I changed how I was handling the custom confirmation page as many people had told me they didn’t like the redirection which caused a rapid page reload.  The new mechanism does a partial page reload using Ajax so the effect is much more graceful but I have heard from several people that it isn’t working for them.

If you are having this problem, please let me know so I can figure what is going on as it is working fine in my development and testing area.  I am still looking for a more graceful solution but the model I used before supporting multi-page forms simply won’t work with multi-page forms.  Multi-page forms are too important and commonplace not to support them.  Sort of a catch 22 for now but I am trying to find a viable alternative.

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  1. Have you seen the vid I send you? I can upload it to youtube if you’d like better.

    • Sorry, I have not had a chance to look at it yet. We have an exchange student from Denmark staying with us for a week so have been very busy since Friday. If you can send me or post a YouTube link I will look at it today – it will be faster than me figuring out how to view the screen capture!

  2. Hi Mike, I’m new to all this so forgive me if I’m making a basic error. I just downloaded the Swim Team plugin. At first I hot a phpHtmlLib error. I found the library in WordPress and downloaded/installed it. Now I am getting a pop up stating that Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application. It then talks about invalid keys and a link address for obtaining a valid key. Any idea what this is or how to fix? Thanks, Tom.

    • Tom –

      I have a separate site for my wp-SwimTeam plugin which has lots of information about it and some of the problems. I really need to make the use of Google Maps an option that can be turned on an off, I will put that on my to-do list. The wp-SwimTeam plugin tries to provide a map for all of the swim clubs that you add to your team’s configuration so a Google Map can be displayed as part of a Swim Club profile or a Swim Meet detail. The easiest way to make the issue go away is to obtain a Google Maps API key – once you enter it, the warning will go away.


      • You are a good man! Take the rest of the day off……

        I will keep you posted as to how I get on.


        • Nope, too technical for me, I’m afraid! I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination and this looks like I may have to tweek something in order to generate a key for my application or whatever. I am just trying to get a basic site up and running to start with. Then as I get a bit more confident, I may try some of the big boy techy stuff. BTW, is it possible to remove the Leave a Reply comment box at th ebottom of my pages? Many thanks, Tom.

    • I released an update to wp-SwimTeam yesterday. One of the (many) changes I made was eliminating the requirement for a Google Maps API Key. It will now work correctly without the API Key and simply won’t render the maps. So no more confusing message! You can read all about the update on my wp-SwimTeam site.

  3. I have a form for people to register, after the update it began acting up, but it was obvious that it was having trouble with the twitter widget on my sidebar, which is what the form would refresh to (just a blank page with the twitter widget).
    This was an embedded html widget created by twitter on their website.
    As of writing this I have deactivated the twitter widget, pending a solution.
    The site is for an event on Apr 3rd, so I will be looking for a different solution for the widget, just want you to know about it.
    Thanks for this great plugin!!

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