Swim Meets and Swim Club Profiles

Over the last couple of days, actually since I flew home from Paris on Friday, I have added functionality to set up a swim season schedule.  To do this, I added swim club profiles and swim meets.  The swim meet functionality also includes a summary which is added to the overview page.  The summary reports the schedule for the current season, results. and lcation of the meets.

Adding swim meets is base functionality which is necessary to support online scratch sheets (need to know which meet a swimmer is scratching from) and ultimately results.  The online scratch will probably be the next thing I implement, results are a bit trickly because loading, parsing, and connecting results to swim meets and swimmers will be a fairly extensive problem.  I suspect I won’t have this working until after our season completes but you never know!

I also want to go back and visit the Team Profile functionality.  I am storing the Team Profile in the WordPress options table but now that I have Swim Club Profiles, there isn’t any reason to store the Team Profile any differently than any other Swim Club.  It isn’t urgent so I may defer that as well.

Lastly, I need to make changes to many of the classes to allow some of the methods to be called without needing a class variable first (the class::method() format).  For example – I should be able to call SwimTeamSwimmer::getAllSwimmerIds() and return an array of SwimmerIds without declaring a class variable first but right now I can’t due to the way I constructed the base level database query class.  There are a number of places where this would be really handy.

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