Fixed Assign Label Bug

I just committed a pretty important fix to address a bug in the Assign Label function.  If a label is manually assigned, the swimmer would be marked as Inactive on the master swimmer list which is incorrect.  This was a leftover artifact from reusing the Unregister code.  It has been fixed and now swimmers are  propertly labeled AND if Swimmer Label field is properly initialized with an existing value if there one (which wasn’t happening either).

The other thing I ran into as a result of running our Time Trials last night is the need for a confirmation on the “Assign Labels” functionality as it will re-assign all the swimmer labels which may not be the desired state as it was in my case last night.  Fortunately only 2-3 new swimmers had been added to the database since I had assigned labels so manually fixing them wasn’t too much work but I’d rather not have done it at all.