Swimmer Numbers? Swimmer Labels?

I have spent a fair amount of time this week implementing what I am now calling Swimmer Labels.  I may go back to Swimmer Numbers but I am not sure.  I’d like to call them Swimmer Ids but I have used that terminology all through the plugin for the unique MySQL record id field that changing it would be a pretty sizable task.

On the good news front, I have auto-assigment of Swimmer Labels working under several different scenarios.  I am particularly pleased with the auto-assignment of labels within an age group with a prefix – it is pretty slick if I do say so myself.  Since the MacDolphins use this format, it was particularly important to me!

The Marriott CDG doesn't suck!

I travel a fair amount for work so over the last 15+ years have stayed in some nice hotels and som really crappy ones.  This week I found one which truly does not suck.  The Marriott at Charles de Gaule Airport is a nice hotel.  It has everything I like in a hotel (except ESPN) and as anyone who has traveled in Europe will tell you, a known good hotel is not something to scoff at.  It was such a pleasure to stay here, I decided to put together a list of hotels that don’t suck.

Why do I like the Marriott CDG?

  1. It is close to the airport (CDG).
  2. Free shuttle to and from CDG.
  3. Free Internet
  4. Full size bed!
  5. Excellent pillows
  6. Nice bar
  7. Reasonable (relative considering the crappy exchange rate) good prices
  8. Drinks and Snacks available without having to use room service

The next time I am in Paris I will almost certainly stay here the night before I fly out.