Opt-in vs. Opt-out?

It has been pretty quiet on the development front.  Now that swim team season is in full gear, I am spending a bunch of time actually using what I have developed to date.  So far, everything is working pretty well although I definitely have some things to do.

Next on the agenda is an online scratch sheet which I will likely implement as a an opt-in or opt-out feature on a meet.  Some meets make more sense to opt out of where as others make more sense to opt in. For example, our regular season meets will be opt-out meets.  All swimmers are assumed to be participating unless they opt out.  On the other hand, our local city meet which we only have 25-30 swimmers entered in, will be an opt-in meet.  All swimmers will assumed to be not participating unless they opt in.  I believe supporting both makes the most sense and will ultimately make the system work better.  Forunately this should be a pretty simple extension to the meet functionality I implemented a few weeks ago.