wp-SwimTeam v1.33-beta.948 now available

This afternoon I posted an early build of wp-SwimTeam v1.33.  You can download it and manually install it if you would like to try it.  This build addresses a number of bugs which I introduced by changing the SQL in v1.32 for querying user data as it relates to swimmers.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.  I plan to release this later today after some more testing.

Download:  [download#14]

If you run into any problems, please let me know.  I’d like to release this update in the next day or so.

2 thoughts on “wp-SwimTeam v1.33-beta.948 now available

  1. Mike,
    This may not be the place but I downloaded the FlipTurn to test. I installed a new version of WP. Use the flipturn theme within. Then created a menu with the links to the php to see events by swimmer and other just like the demo. Except I am getting an error on the page class = include_once(page.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:xampphtdocsflipflipturnresults_by_event.php on line 18

    Not sure if I am missing some files for flipturn.
    I setup the main FT folder inside root folder and outside plugin. Config done, it reads setup, and finds other PHPliB entries. Did I download an incomplete version. I would like to have my own demo version like yours to see it in action. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks?

    • Sorry I missed this comment when it first came in. Flip-Turn is a completely independent web application from WordPress, trying to mix the two of them on the same web server will likely result in problems. I have Flip Turn running on a sub-domain of Flip-Turn.com and WordPress running on the main site – the files are separate.

      All that said, the page.class.php file will be in the “include” directory of your Flip-Turn installation. If you don’t have the configuration set up correctly, the PHP include path won’t be initialized properly and the include files won’t be found. That would be my guess based on what you describe.

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