wp-SwimTeam v1.6.605 released

It took longer than I wanted and I didn’t get all of the features I wanted done, but I have release v1.6.605 of wp-SwimTeam tonight.  This release addresses a number of things my own team has been asking for, in particular with respect to jobs.  A number of our parents have asked how they can see which jobs they have signed up for and if they have scratched their swimmers or not.  A key new feature in this release is the Swim Meets report is now exposed to all users but the information presented to users is limited to their swimmers and their jobs.

  • Fixed bug when optional user and/or swimmer field count is zero preventing reports from running.
  • Added My Jobs tab for all users. User can now easily see which jobs they’ve signed up for.
  • Added e-mail field to user profile. Users are familiar with the swim team profile, easy to update.
  • Exposed Swim Meet report to all users allowing users to see their swimmer opt-in/out and jobs easily.
  • Added Dashboard widget.
  • Fixed quite a few minor bugs – too many to list!

This release is available now on the Download page and will be available from the WordPress plugin updater later tonight

Potential Report Bug

There is a bug with the User and Swimmer reports which will manifest itself when either the User or Swimmer optional field count is set to zero AND the table where the optional fields are stored is completely empty.  I have fixed the bug and checked it but am not quite ready to do a release due to some other changes I am in the process of making not being finished yet.  The bug will also manifest itself when trying to export a list of users or swimmers as CSV.

If you run into this problem, let me know – there is a fairly easy work-around that will prevent it from happening.

wp-SwimTeam v1.2.552 now available

This morning I posted wp-SwimTeam v1.2.551.  This release fixes a couple of bugs and adds a couple minor features and addresses one major issue.

  1. Prior to this release a new user could add a swimmer without completing their swim team parent/guardian profile but a warning was displayed.  The warning is now an error and no further action can proceed until the profile information is completed.
  2. Throughout the wp-SwimTeam dashboard much of the information is displayed in a widget that can be searched, sorted, and paged through.  The number of rows that is displayed is now controlled by a setting on the Options->Miscellaneous tab.
  3. A couple of minor bugs have fixed with respect to reporting.
  4. There was a serious bug which occurred when the number of User or Swimmer optional fields was set to zero.  This has been fixed and the ability to essentially “turn off” optional fields for users or swimmers now works correctly.

Swim Team results analysis tool

Periodically I search for new swim team related software to see if anyone else is trying to solve the problems I am trying to solve.  Today I found something interesting called Natalog.  Natalog is from a company called Natavision and it is a swim results viewing and analysis tool.

I think much of what this tool can do is available in Crystal Reports but this looks to be much easier and certainly something a parent or coach might find useful.  It takes a variety of input formats including SDIF (.sd3), Hy-tek, and plain text.  Since it accepts SDIF, it can report WinSwim results very easily.

I am slowly adding reporting functionality to wp-SwimTeam and I doubt I will ever do anything to this extent.

wp-SwimTeam v0.2.500 now available

The MacDolphins summer swim season ended this past Tuesday but there are few things I wanted to fix while they are still fresh in my mind.

Our volunteer coordinator had asked me if I could make it so she could export the Job Assignment Report to Excel.  When I got into it I realized that the approach I was taking with the original Job Assignment Report was based on an old report and I really should have based it on the Users report.

Since the Job Assignment Report leverages the User information, I was able to base the new Job Assignment Report on the classes for the User reports.  This was absolutely the right decision as it saved me from writing a bunch of new code which would be similar to. if not exactly the same as, the code for the User Report.

This release fixes a couple of minor nits but mainly it introduces a new Job Report which can be exported as a CSV file which is easily manipulated with Excel.  The report can also be generated as a HTML table and allows the user to specify which fields are to be included in the report.

wp-SwimTeam v0.2.496 available

I just uploaded a minor  update to wp-SwimTeam.  This release adds enhancements to the reporting for jobs and the opt-in/opt-out system.  A new field called “Notes” was added to the Jobs definition.  This field is reported when viewing the Job Assignments for a swim meet.

The time stamp for opt-in/opt-out is now included when generating a swim meet report.  The time stamp can also be displayed via the short code by adding “timestamp=’y'” to the short code.  Reporting the time stamp will allow you to easily see exactly when users submitted their request.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.456 now available

Quick turn-around on a release as there was a bug which was really bothering me.  The Opt-In/Opt-Out report was pulling swimmer label from the active season regardless of which season a meet was created against.  This was fine for the current season but messed up reports from any prior season.

The report now pulls swimmer labels from the season that the meet is created against so looking back a a report from last season or two seasons ago will still show correctly.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.417 – Meet Report Shortcode

I posted wp-SwimTeam v0.1.417 this afternoon to the download page.  This update adds new functionality and fixes a few minor things which have bothered me as I found them during the season.

The big new feature is a new shortcode – wpst_meet_report.  This shortcode allows a the contents of a meet report to appear in a post or a page like this example on the wp-SwimTeam demo site.

The reports also now support hiding first and last names by only showing the initial as well as the ability to override the first name with a nickname if the swimmer’s profile has one.  The missing ability to display a map on the swim meet report has been added so the checkbox on the form is now enabled.  The reports can now display opt-in and opt-out information chronologically in the order they were added to the system as well as the previously available by name and by swimmer label.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.406 – fixes to reports

This evening I posted a new build of wp-SwimTeam to the downloads page.  This version fixes an unusual situation where the swimmer reports would fail to work when no optional swimmer fields we defined.

I also fixed another issue with optional fields (user and swimmer) where if the number of fields in use was set to 0 in the Options settings, the system would revert to the default (5) number of fields.

Over the past week or so I have also posted a couple updates without posting an announcement.  Most of the improvements were in the reporting and SDIF generation.  Reports for Swim Meets can now include multiple meets on the same report and the SDIF options page has a new option to allow overriding the first name with the nickname when exporting the roster in SDIF format.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.389 released

This evening I uploaded a new version of wp-SwimTeam.  It is available on the download page.  This version introduces a new report for swim meets.  The Swim Meet report’s most important feature is the listing of swimmers who have Opted-In or Opted-Out of a swim meet.  On the MacDolphins we call this a the Scratch List.

A parent can now indicate when their swimmers are participating (for meets defined as opt-in) or not participating (for meets defined as opt-out) on either a full meet or event basis.  The meet report will display a summary of swimmer participation based on the type of meet.

A couple of the options on the Report Form are disabled because they aren’t functional yet.  They will probably work in a day or two.

This release also introduces a new mode for Swimmer Labels – Frozen.  When Swimmer Labels are unlocked, they can be bulk assigned.  When they are locked, Swimmer Labels can be edited on a per swimmer basis but no bulk assigned.  When they are frozen, they can’t be edited at all.  I added this because I inadvertently reassigned the swimmer labels for the MacDolphins yesterday without meaning to.  Whoops.

I fixed a few other minor issues as well but nothing significant, mostly presentation of forms and such.