Google Forms v0.64-beta-6 available

I have just released beta-6 of Google Forms v0.64 which is a CRITICAL update for anyone who loaded beta-5.  Beta-5 had a serious bug which if you had defined more than one form using the Dashboard UI, would corrupt the content of all of the saved forms so every form would display the same content.  Beta-6 fixes this issue!

Google Forms Beta (14036 downloads )

11 thoughts on “Google Forms v0.64-beta-6 available

  1. Hello Michael,

    After downloading v0.64 I can no longer edit any of my pages or posts. Deactivating Google Forms v0.64 solves the problem. I’m using WordPress 3.8.1. More than happy to try any fix you might propose.

    All the best,


    • I am not seeing this same behavior in my environment. I am able to edit other content as I normally would. What other details can you provide about your problem?

      • Thanks for the prompt response Michael,
        I re-activated the plugin and deleted my draft forms created with a previous version. I was able to edit my posts and pages again. Then I created a new form using 0.64 and once again when I try to edit a post or page it just returns to the “All Posts” list. Do you have a changelog section where I can download previous versions of the plugin? I can then let you know exactly which version causes the problem for me.

      • Hello again Mike,
        I’ve discovered that up to version 0.63 it works fine. With version 0.64 beta-1 the problem starts. As an aside if I disable a plugin called Wordbooker (with all the 0.64 betas) the problem goes away. It may be something to do with the [shortcode] brackets. There is also a conflict with Wordbooker and JwPlayer (which uses [shortcode] brackets) but it’s not critical. In any case, version 0.63 works fine and it’s only every beta version afterwards that causes a problem for me. If there’s anything obvious which you changed in 0.64 beta-1 and you think might be the source of the problem let me know and I can do some edits. If not, then I’ll stick with 0.63 and, as there appears to be a conflict with another plugin, I wouldn’t expect you to spend too much time on it.

        • There is a serious bug in versions prior to v0.64 when used with versions or WordPress after 3.6.1. Due to a change in the WordPress HTTP API, check boxes don’t work correctly when the cURL transport isn’t available.

          I also made a change with how shortcodes are processed due to a conflict with WordPress SEO plugin.

  2. Can you tell me what is this?
    “STRICT Error: [2048] Non-static method WP_Http::_get_first_available_transport() should not be called statically /var/www/bc/wp-content/plugins/wpgform/wpgform-core.php on line 2053”

  3. I use the Google Forms plugin for only a few days at a time so can live with the shortcode conflict as the actual forms still work in my blog. If the shortcode changes weren’t too extensive in 0.64 maybe you could send me the before and after code (regarding the shortcodes section). I will then forward this to the WordBooker editor and he may be able to resolve the conflict with WordBooker. Many thanks.

    • If you would like to compare the code between the current “trunk” version and what was in v0.63, you can look at the files in the WordPress Subversion repository. You can find v0.63 here and and the current working version here.

      I took a quick look at the WordBooker plugin source code, unfortunately there aren’t many comments in the source code so it isn’t easy to follow without really analyzing it. The change to Google Forms was pretty simple – when a form is defined, the shortcode for that form is stored in the post content field. The form is then rendered automatically by WordPress’ shortcode processor. In the past, when a form was viewed through the CPT URL slug I had to catch it and insert the shortcode on the fly. The current solution is a better and more reliable solution.

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