Google Forms v0.64-beta-7 available

This afternoon I released beta-7 of Google Forms v0.64.  I expect this to be the final beta release.  It contains a few minor fixes, most notably the warning from the cURL check regarding calling a non-static function statically.  Additionally, some new “placeholder” information has been added to the Form Definition form which disappears when the user starts entering text into the field.

Google Forms Beta (13359 downloads )

2 thoughts on “Google Forms v0.64-beta-7 available

  1. Hi Mike … Thank you very much for the work you’ve done on this valuable plugin, also thanks so much for being so responsive to your users.

    I’m experiencing the issue described when entering placeholder info.

    Maybe I could email you a password?

    My intention is to use the value in the first date and time fields, as place holders in the second set.

    Thanks again and congratulations.


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