Email Users v4.6.0 released

This morning I released version 4.6.0 of Email Users.  This release addresses the problems with addresses appearing in the CC header instead of the BCC header which cropped up in v4.5.4 and v4.5.5.  This version has gone through quite a bit of testing to ensure the problem with addresses was fixed.  In addition to this critical fix, there are also a couple of minor new features now available.  If you were running Email Users v4.6.0-beta-4, this version is nearly identical.  The version is different and the default string for the new footer was trimmed eliminating the version number.

  • Significantly improved debug functionality to chase down mail header issues.
  • Check added to determine if wp_mail() has been overloaded by a theme or plugin.
  • Rewrite of mailusers_send_mail() fucntion to construct headers as arrays instead of as a single string. The string would sometimes not break correctly and recognize the Bcc: field.
  • Implemented new email footer option.
  • Cleaned up presentation of Options page.
  • Implemented new omit display names option.
  • Updated language translation files.

You can find this update in the WordPress plugin repository or on your Dashboard.

9 thoughts on “Email Users v4.6.0 released

  1. Hi Mike,
    I upgraded to email users 4.6.1

    I hadn’t switched the plugin on and off to complete the install although have been using it daily. I went into the settings to change one my email addresses and when I try to save the change I get a message saying I dont have permission to access this document.


    • I have seen that permission message from WordPress every once in a while from many plugins. In some cases, usually when the Dashboard has been idle for a while, WordPress seems to get in a state where it doesn’t think the user has permission to perform the requested action. If I refresh the Dashboard and try the operation again, it always seems to work correctly. Is what you are seeing repeatable?

      • Thanks for the reply. I have tried logging out and back in. I have tried refreshing the dashboard, both with no success.
        I have seen this issue with users when they are given a higher access level and it sorts itself by the following day. I will leave it until tomorrow and try again.

        • That is odd. There haven’t been any changes, other than adding more options, to how the settings page works in a really long time. The permissions to view that page, which is how it is added to the Dashboard menu, hasn’t been touched since I redid it back in the v4.0.x time frame. The only other thing I can think of is a plugin conflict – have you added or updated any other plugins?

      • Not for a few days. When i went into the settings there was a message saying that after updating this plugin I hadn’t deactivated and reactivated to complete the upgrade. I did so this morning so whether that has affected anything. I have been using the plugin every day without issue.
        It could be due to my particular combination of plugins that gives this inexplicable issue from time to time ( though never affecting my own access before ). let me check it again tomorrow before you spend any time on this.

        • The warning message about version mismatch is more of a housekeeping thing than a requirement. The plugin has default values for anything new but it does record which version of the plugin was used to save the settings. The message you see notes that the version of the plugin has changes since the settings were last saved and checking the settings is a good idea. 99.9% of the time the mismatch will not affect usage of the plugin. Keep me posted on what you find.

          • Sorry Mike, I meant to reply to this the next day. I am still unable to change the settings however the thought occurred to me that I hadn’t tried to change the settings since you sorted my original issue about the email addresses showing in the cc box.

            Not a major issue for me as all I wanted to do was change the over ride email address so I just changed the email in my wp profile

          • Have you tried disabling other plugins to see if the problem still happens? I have the plugin running on 5-6 different sites and am not seeing this problem on any of them. All are running WordPress 3.7.1 except my development area which is running 3.6.1.

      • no but I’ll have a look at that tomorrow

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