wp-SwimTeam v1.19.783 released

This afternoon I released an update to wp-SwimTeam.  This latest update continues work on the new Event Model.  Events can now be imported from a Hy-tek Events File (.hyv) and connected to a swim meet.  I also made a number of GUI improvements to fix flow control and be more intuitive.  Other changes include:

  • Fixed wp-SwimTeam so it will work in sub-directory installations and WordPress multi-site.
  • Added new option to toggle message verbosity. Some actions generate numerous messages, this option will reduce and summarize messages.
  • Fixed Event Opt-In/Opt-Out which was broken with Event Model changes in v1.18.
  • Added ability to load Meet Events from an Event Group into a swim meet.
  • Fixed broken GUI controls for Events (expand, collapse, page forward and back).
  • Tightened up flow control between Event Groups and Events and Swim Meets and Events.
  • Changed buttons on for some actions (events, swim meets) to return to a logical place. “Back” and “Home” didn’t really mean anything in most cases. In particular, “Back” has been a reliability challenge so in most cases it has been eliminated.
  • Fixed several bugs in report generator which manifested themselves when User or Swimmer optional field count was set to zero.
  • Fixed bug which resulted in broken Opt-In and Opt-Out actions on the drop down lists.
  • Fixed bug which incorrectly entered Opt-In/Opt-Out information in Stroke format even when set for Event Mode.

This update is available now from the WordPress Plugin Repository or from the Download and Installation page.  Existing users should see an update notification appear on the WordPress Dashboard.

If you run into any problems, please let me know and I will try and fix them ASAP.  We’re gearing up for swim team season so I am actively engaged in adding features and fixing bugs right now.  My next effort, which I’ve already started, is what I refer to as Phase 3 of the new Event Model which will provide the ability to export a Meet Entries file accounting for scratches and/or registrations which can be loaded directly into one of the various Swimming applications (e.g. Hy-tek, WinSwim, and others).

3 thoughts on “wp-SwimTeam v1.19.783 released

  1. I have the plugin working. the only issue I have run into is, when I am on the overview page I have no issue, but when I click on any tab I get kicked out and put back in the wp-login.php page. i am not sure if I am the only person seeing this

    • Thanks for access to your site, it allowed me to identify the problem. The construction of the URLs for the tabs is generating an invalid URL. I have identified a built in WordPress function which appears to resolve this ambiguity of what I was expecting versus what was actually being sent. Preliminary testing looks good, I’ll do a bit more and then roll this change into the next release.

  2. This sounds like a multi-site issue that I haven’t accounted for. Clicking on the tab is trying to load a page that for some reason, WordPress doesn’t think you have permission to view so it is asking you to login again. I’ve sent you an e-mail asking for some additional details.

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