Support for multi-page Google Forms?

I received an email the other day about my WordPress Google Form plugin wondering whether or not it should work with multi-page Google Forms  It hadn’t even occurred to me to test it as none of the forms I had needed myself were multi-page forms but my gut reaction was I didn’t think it would work.

I took a look at a multi-page Google Form and have determined that the current (v0.10) version of the WordPress Google Form plugin (aka wpGForm) will not work with multi-page forms.  No real big surprise but I want it to be clear before someone else wastes their time trying to make it work.

From looking at the form code it may be possible to support multi-page forms in the future but it will require some additional jQuery scripting and more importantly, some time to dedicate to it.  I hope to look at this soon but I have a couple of WordPress theme projects that I need to get off my plate before I can go back to wpGForm.

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  1. hello mike,

    love your plug-in; can’t wait till you’ll finish up the code for multiple pages. Can you keep me updated please. Thanks.


  2. I like this plugin! It should make collection of information much easier for us… and I understand busy work… but do you have any estimate on when support for multi-page forms will be added? 🙂

    • No, work and some other stuff at home has been really busy but I will try and make some time for it this week. I don’t know for sure that it will be possible but I will try to figure it out.

  3. Hi Mike,

    I have latest version 4.9.1 of wordpress and also created Google Form and embed in WPGForm .It does shows all the data from google form but it does not showing Radio Button,Checkbox and Submit button and their styles.

  4. Could you please let me what should have to done to fix the issue?

  5. I did not find any option to downgrade my google form from available settings. I am using any java script on my website except google analytics . Could you please tell any specific place to look for?

    • There are several posts on my web site which discuss how to downgrade forms. Like this one. And this one. And this one too. Take a look at these and they should get you going on downgrading the form.

      As for seeing if you have a Javascript error, the Chrome developer tools or Firefox’s similar capability, should tell you if there are Javascript errors as the page loads.

  6. Thanks for quick response Mike!. I am using old version of google form but I am getting java script error for common.js of divi builder . It says at “Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
    at common.js?ver=3.0.91:46” any suggestion on this?

    • You’ll have to chase that down. If I had to guess, it is an issue with your theme but the only way to isolate these things is to temporarily disable all plugins and see if the problem persists. If it does, it is likely your theme. You can verify that by temporarily switching to one of the WordPress supplied themes and see if problem persists, I’d be surprised if it does. If disabling all of the plugins made the issue go away, start re-enabling plugins one at a time until it comes back to isolate the offending plugin. It is tedious but I don’t know of a better way to chase these down.

  7. Hi Mike

    I wanted embed my google form into word press (4.9.1) website and I have followed instructions given by you and I could see the google form on my website but style for radio button,checkbox and submit button are missing after that also check for jquery related errors on chrome development tool and I came across “Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking ‘touchstart’ event. Consider marking event handler as ‘passive’ to make the page more responsive. See” and when I research on that it is related to performance of website. Could you please suggest what went wrong with my website that it not showing desired google forms .


    • The event listener issue should just be a warning, it shouldn’t prevent the jQuery script from running. If you are missing your Custom CSS styles to tailor the form to your WordPress site, make sure Custom CSS is enabled in the plugin settings (Dashboard > Settings > Google Forms). The checkbox is on the settings page and is off by default.

  8. Hi Mike, I’m using your Form Plugin, for a multi-page form, but there are some issues. The form does not have a continue button, the legal disclaimer is still visible and there is some odd “” URL on the end of the form. Could you have a look?

    Thanks, Rebecca

    • You need to downgrade your Google Form for it to work with the WordPress plugin. There are several posts on my web site which discuss how to downgrade forms. Like this one. And this one. And this one too. Take a look at these and they should get you going on downgrading the form.

      • Hi Mike,

        Thank you!
        That worked for getting the form to work, however the issue of this weil bit of random link floating around remains. If you go below the “Weiter” button, there is this url: “/static/forms/client/js/2342554084-formviewer_prd__de.js”

        Best, Rebecca

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