Google Moves Downgrade Option – Again

Google has made another change to the new version of Google Forms and moved the option to downgrade a form to the older version.  There is no longer a Running Man icon to click on to get the downgrade option.  Instead, look for the large question mark in the lower right hand corner .


  1. Click on the Question Mark icon
  2. Click on the “Back to old Form” menu

This is the third time access to the downgrade option has moved.  It is probably just a matter of time before Google eliminates this completely.  If/when that happens it may no longer be possible to use Google Forms with WordPress.

13 thoughts on “Google Moves Downgrade Option – Again

  1. Looks like Google removed this option again. I don’t see the “Back to old Form” option.

    • No, it is still there. I just created a form from scratch and tried it. There is a question mark (?) in the lower right hand corner of the screen when editing the form. If you click on the question mark one of the choices (the bottom one on the list) is “Back to the old Forms”.

  2. Ok. That is not what I can see. The bottom line (next to the 2) is not present in my screen. Perhaps this is country dependend. The rest of the screen seems similar to mine.

    • I guess You are not in the editing mode anymore. Didnt You already switch to filling? I had the same problem. But even switching back doesnt help, I can see the question mark, but button for switching is not anymore working.

  3. It seems if you use the Quiz option in Google Forms, the “Back to old forms” is disabled, you see it but you can’t press it. That is good for me to know though as periodically people tell me they don’t have access to the downgrade option. Thanks!

  4. I am not using a Quiz functionality, but the “Back to old forms” is disabled. How could I possible enable it?

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