Rock Band Drums are loud

I am finding playing Hard guitar really hard and I don’t have the time to dedicate to getting better, I just want to have fun and play.  My son had some friends over the other day so the drums were out and I decided to see if I could play them.  My last attempt was when we first got Rock Band and I was a miserable drummer and couldn’t get through a song.

I was able to play the warm up songs without any problem this time albeit I am playing on Easy.  But that is ok, it is fun to try something else.  The drums are loud though.  I picked up a set of the new Rock Band Drum Silencers the other day but they don’t seem to fit the drums correctly so before I cut them up I need to call their customer support number.  Since we tend to play late at night, in order to play the drums I need them to be quieter!

2 thoughts on “Rock Band Drums are loud

  1. Interesting thread on I have no aspirations to play the real drums. For me, Rock Band is simply entertainment and something I can do with my children. Since I have no musical ability at all I am not qualified to comment as to whether or not the RB Drums are a good learning tool. My son, who plays the drums in middle school, prefers to play Guitar although he can play the RB drums fairly well.

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