Working on my WordPress Swim Team plugin

For the last few months I have been writing a WordPress plugin called wp-swimteam.  This plugin builds on top of WordPress to turn it into an application which can be used to manage a youth swim team.  The plugin is hosted on SourceForge and I am using a blog on that site to track the development progress.  It is going pretty well, I am having fun working on it as it will be a huge benefit to our swim team which has been driven by a paper process forever.

Rock Band Drums are loud

I am finding playing Hard guitar really hard and I don’t have the time to dedicate to getting better, I just want to have fun and play.  My son had some friends over the other day so the drums were out and I decided to see if I could play them.  My last attempt was when we first got Rock Band and I was a miserable drummer and couldn’t get through a song.

I was able to play the warm up songs without any problem this time albeit I am playing on Easy.  But that is ok, it is fun to try something else.  The drums are loud though.  I picked up a set of the new Rock Band Drum Silencers the other day but they don’t seem to fit the drums correctly so before I cut them up I need to call their customer support number.  Since we tend to play late at night, in order to play the drums I need them to be quieter!

Got in a late 9

After dinner last night I went out an got in a late 9.  It was going to be tight so I didn’t even hit anything before I teed off on #1.  I paid for it too – a triple bogey on #1.  Tee shot on #2 wasn’t very good either but my second shot was excellent and after two putts I had a par.  For the most part I played decent, putted well, no 3 putts at all.  I had two crappy wedge shots and made a couple poor club choices, particularly on the two par 5s which I played in a total of +5.

MDCC is rebuilding the blue tees on a couple holes so some the blue tee markers are relocated.  On #7 the hole plays about 40 yards shorter but #9 plays about 40 yards longer.  #9 was playing 575 yards from the blues yesterday!  It is already a long hole for me, when you add 40 yards to it, it makes it really long!  I had a good drive (240-250) but a terrible second shot.  A nice third shot left me with a 40 yard wedge to the green.  These are the shots I struggle with.  I really tried to accelerate through the ball and I hit is pretty well.  Too well – it landed near the flag which was on the back, and rolled over the green and down the hill into the pine straw!  Another tough wedge back to the green, a two putt for a 7.

I finished with a 48.  I need to eliminate the triple bogyes (I had two plus one double).  I’ll chalk one of them up to not warming up on #1 but there was no excuse for a +3 on #5 though.  Especially since I was on the green in 3 the day before when I played with the girls in the MDCC parent child tournament.

I am hoping to get out again tonight for another late twilight round.  Except for the tough sun on a couple holes, particularly #2, I love playing at that time of the day.  The course is quiet and you can play quickly (I played in an hour and a half last night), it is a nice end ot the day.