Age Verification

I also committed changes which add some additional checking for the swimmers age.  I had found that some parents had missed their child’s birthday resulting in it being set to the current date and making their child 0 years old.  I added a check to compare the swimmer’s age against the minimum and maximum age (ours is 3-18) to ensure a swimmer isn’t too young or too old at registration time.

Swimmer Auto-Registration Added

Today I committed new functionality which implements a new option called Auto-Register.  Setting Auto-Register to Yes on the Swim Team Options panel causes new swimmers added to the system to be automatically registered for the current season.  This saves a step which I found many people missed anyway.  By default, this option is enabled.

It has been about a month now the MacDolphins have been using this plugin in conjunction with WordPress and everything is going pretty well.  Next thing to implement is the Swimmer ID – we need those next week for the Swimmer Open House kickoff party!

Retro-Dashboard Admin Theme updated

The other day I committed some changes to my Retro-Dashboard admin theme.  There was a wierd situation which only showed up with IE7 and since I use IE7 as my primary browser, it got to the point where it was driving me nuts.  The main DIV (wp-wrap) would move up and down by about 10 pixels depending on the focus of the cursor.  After a lot of putzing around with CSS I figured out how to make it stop.  The lastest version now behaves the same with all browsers but there is more space between the menus and the body content on IE than there is on Firefox.