wp-SwimTeam v1.45 released

Today I released wp-SwimTeam v1.45 which fixes a possible security problem I was alerted to as well as addresses a number of bugs.  The CSV roster export bug was the primary issue holding up getting this release out, I fixed the security problem last week.

It turns out I had implemented a method in both a parent class and (redundantly) in a child class as well.  The RE1, SDIF, and HY3 exports all (properly) used the method from the parent class but the CSV export was using the child class version.  It took me a while to sort it out as I was staring at the wrong code trying to determine what was wrong. It turns out, nothing was wrong, I was just looking in the wrong place.  Once I removed the redundant method declaration, everything resumed working as it should.

I think I have resolved all of the multi-site issues, please let me know if you run into any more.

This update is available via the WordPress Dashboard or from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

14 thoughts on “wp-SwimTeam v1.45 released

  1. Hey!

    Is this working on the latest/current version of WP? Quite a noob so unsure as to what to look for

    • Yes, it works with WordPress 4.9.1. It has not been tested with PHP 7.x though.

      • Installed just fine.

        Struggling to get it to “work” however.

        We are a swimming club from South Africa:
        The way i understood it works that we are able to set up meets/entries on meet manager then import via this? (or somehow able to view entries into a gala/do registrations?) or am i getting the entire thing wrong?

        • The use model is in reverse. You can export from wp-SwimTeam to Meet Manager and/or Team Manager. There is no import capability except for events. Essentially you can set up your team roster and schedule within WordPress. For each scheduled meet you can define the events (or import them) and swimmers can register (or be assigned) to the events they want to swim. Once everything is set in WordPress you can export a team roster to TM and/or meet entries to MM. There is no seeding feature, that would be done in MM. Hope that helps. There is a “two minute setup guide” on my site, find it here.

          • Ok, I think I’m starting to get what the feel of it is.

            I’ve set up everything I think we need, but am confused as to how to “Open up User registration.”

            Is this a page i am failing to add?

            Also: I noticed on one of you comments you are using “Simple Calendar” ~ do you find that covers all your needs? What other recommendations/must have’s would you suggest for a club?

          • When I first wrote wp-SwimTeam, which was a really long time ago now, Simple Calendar was sufficient for our needs. If I was doing it again, I’d use Google Calendar as it allows people to subscribe to a calendar they can sync with their phones, etc.

            As for user registration, it sort of depends on your use model. Is your team the typical youth swim team where a parent will register one or more of their children as swimmers OR is your team like a master club where the users who register will be the swimmers? The plugin was written with the youth model in mind but I later added the ability for the WordPress user to actually register them self for the swim team. If you need that capability, there is an option in the setup to enable it. Otherwise, once a user registers with the WordPress site and is logged in, they can go to the Swim Team part of the Dashboard and add their children as swimmers to the system.

          • We are a combo of both (we don’t have the classic/youth swim team) ours is more of a club /year round kind of thing. So the younger guys would have their parents sign up/do their entries (before we did it via google forms, then had to enter 180+ people by hand) and the older guys did their own.

            So should I be making the default role a “subscriber” or should i go ahead and make them all swimmers? OR default everyone to subscriber and then change them to swimmers as i see “familiar faces?”

          • If you need to support both then you would set it up to allow users to register themselves as swimmers, the system can support both. For the users who aren’t swimming but will register their children, they simply won’t go through the “swimmer registration” step like a user who is a swimmer would.

            In an effort to not build a complete duplicate of the WordPress user registration system, wp-SwimTeam builds on top of it and extends the data model with additional MySQL database tables to manage the swim team data. There are references from the Swim Team tables back to the WordPress tables such that if a user changes their name or email address or something managed by WordPress, the Swim Team functionality uses the same data as opposed to having to manage it in two places. Now WordPress doesn’t have things like mailing address and phone numbers for each user so that data is managed in the Swim Team tables. Similarly, if a parent has 3 children, it makes zero sense to manage what is usually identical contact information for 3 swimmers as 3 unique records. Instead, a swimmer connected to a “parent or guardian”. Where this model gets a little disjointed is when the swimmer IS also the WordPress user (which in the normal use model is the parent/guardian). So it seems a little odd but the “adult” swimmer would then register them self as a swimmer (and there is an option to reference their WordPress username when doing this) in the system.

            Before you roll this out you might want to play with it a bit and try a couple scenarios with test users to make sure you have it doing what you want. The 180+ Google Form registrations is similar to what we had when I wrote this except ours was worse. We had 200+ registrations hand written on a paper form. It was a mess and full of incorrect spellings, birth dates, etc. which all had to be hand entered. The registration system in wp-SwimTeam was set up to eliminate the hand entry of this information and make the parents responsible for getting it correct. It worked well for us too. The real benefit was in season 2 when 95% of our swimmers simply had to sign up for the current season and all of their information was already in our system.

          • Ok! I think I get it! 😀

            Yeah, that Google forms method is how we also did each gala… Becomes a pain, but if things can be imported, it becomes the parents “fault”. Thank you so much not only for the quick and super detailed responses, but also for this plugin. I was in the process of taking this over from the previous person, and i know someone somewhere ran into this kind of insane admin but knew how to do something about it.

            We are running a newer version of TM/MM, but i dont see it being an issue. Will report back once i test it more!

            Thanks again.

          • I think I’m either blind or blind. I’ve “registered” on my site via my laptop/other account.

            Where exactly is the swim team page supposed to appear, I honestly tried to follow your steps, someone also made a comment about it (you replied Jun 23, 2013).

            I am able to manually add a swimmer.

            Another weird/unexpected error: When trying to export the report of swimmers:
            Swim Team Report Generated, 1 record returned.
            CSV Export file does not exist, nothing to download.

            Again, I do apologize for being your most annoying user

          • Would you like access to my demo site, it might give you an idea of how things are set up. As for the Swim Team menu, it is on the bottom of the Dashboard menu on the left hand side. How were you able to manually add a swimmer if you can’t find the menu? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

          • Yeah that would probably help.

            I can find it as an admin user/when Im setting up the site, but when I “log in” to our site as a swimmer/parent ~ I don’t see anywhere to sign up.

          • I guess another question is am I able to manipulate an excel sheet in order to just import that into team manager/meet manager

          • Hey!

            I also noticed under the “Swim SDIF Team Profile “, we are forced to use the LSC Code, but none of the options apply to our team in South Africa.

            Would still love access to the demo to see how its properly set up, as im still unable to do so

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