Email User 4.7.6 released

About a week ago I got a notice from letting me know Email Users had been de-listed from the plugin repository due to potential security exploit. While the odds were low, it was still a vulnerability which required fixing. This came at a time I was heading to Taiwan for work so my ability to fix it quickly was limited.

This morning I had some cycles to work on it while traveling home. I made the necessary fixes, committed them to Subversion, and informed I just received a notice from WordPress that Email Users has been listed again. It may take a day or two to propagate through their cache.

Look for the version update notice on your Dashboard and I highly recommend installing this update. There is one other fix for users who use the Ithinx Groups plugin which had a bug in it.

6 thoughts on “Email User 4.7.6 released

  1. We appreciate this plugin do you think it will be compatible with 4.3.1 soon? Thanks very much!!!!

    • I don’t know of any compatibility issues with 4.3.1 so you should be ok now. Whenever I do an update again I’ll update the compatibility but I typically don’t do a release just to change compatibility notation. Are you seeing something which isn’t working correctly?

  2. awesome plugin, but since 4.3 I can’t use the message editor any more: visual mode shows nothing, text mode gives an edit field, but it’s not possible to put anything in.

    • I have seen the same behavior on one site where I have Email Users installed but not on the 4-5 others. The only thing different about the one site where I see this problem is it is running WordPress Multi-Site where all of the rest are standard installs. I have completely disabled all plugins and switched themes and cannot isolate the problem. I don’t think it is due to Email Users though.

    • I just read your comment again and I don’t think the problem you’re having and the problem I am having are the same. Your problem sounds like a Javascript error as that is the sort of behavior you will see if there is a Javascript error which prevents the remaining Javascript, which TinyMCE is written in, from loading and running properly. I would look in your browser’s error console to see if that is happening and if it is, start disabling plugins until you figure out which one is causing the Javascript error.

      In my case, I have fixed it. I had a .htaccess (I think from the Sucuri plugin) in my wp-includes directory which was preventing TinyMCE from loading properly.

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