Google Forms v0.64 released

I did some additional testing with UTF-8 characters over the weekend and everything is working as expected.  With no known issues outstanding I have released v0.64 this morning.  You can find the update on your Dashboard or download it from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

  1. Fixed a number of strings which were missing translation wrapper functions.
  2. Reverted to manually constructed body parameter for wp_remote_post() to allow checkboxes to be properly passed to Google.
  3. Fixed warnings generated by calls to static functions which were not declared static.
  4. Added check for HTTP API cURL transport and issue a warning when not present. There was a change between WordPress 3.6.1 and 3.7 to the WordPress HTTP API and the streams and fsockopen transports are unable to post form values back to Google using wp_remote_post().
  5. Added a setting to allow hiding the cURL transport missing message on the Dashboard.
  6. Added a check to ensure jQuery script isn’t output more than once.
  7. Remove hook into “the_content” to reduce potential conflicts with other plugins (e.g. WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast).
  8. Added placeholders for some of the form fields when defining a Form within the UI.

4 thoughts on “Google Forms v0.64 released

  1. This plugin was working fine until it wiped out all my content. Please email me… every link in my blog has [wpgform id= xxxx]. All my content is gone. Blog posts are still there but the content within the posts have been replaced with [wpgform id= xxxx] Please help!

    • Due to a conflict with the very popular WordPress SEO plugin, I had to change how the short code was processed. Previously the plugin would try and detect on the fly when the post type was a form and would insert the appropriate short code on the fly which the short code processor would then process. In some cases, this ended up happening multiple times which was obviously a problem.

      This update to the plugin stores the shortcode for the form as the post content when the form is defined (the post editor field isn’t visible when defining a form because it isn’t used) upon the publish action. The plugin will also update any forms with their shortcodes as sort of a “house keeping” step. However, in both cases, the post is checked to ensure it is a Google Form post and not a regular post or page before updating the content.

      I’ve had quite a few people test this version without reporting anything like you’ve reported but just to be safe, I have rolled back the stable tag to the previous version.

      What else can you tell me about your site? What other plugins and/or themes are active?

  2. Hello Michael Walsh

    A great many thanks for the Google Forms Plugin.

    The recent release cause some issue with our website: Once we updated the page would not load after we tried updating things on the website.

    We uninstalled the plugin and deleted all files and then reinstalled it.

    It now works perfect.

    • You may not have noticed but I rolled the update back to v0.63 due to an odd report an other user reported with v0.64. In looking at your page you have v0.63 installed which is working but I’d be curious to know what exactly wasn’t loading. Was it the entire web page or just the Google Form which wasn’t loading? I want to re-release the update as it fixes the serious checkbox problem which was introduced when WordPress changed the HTTP API in WordPress 3.7.

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