wp-SwimTeam v1.40 released

I have finally released v1.40 of wp-SwimTeam.  Thanks to everyone who helped test the new features and flush out any bugs.  This release has a slew of new features and functionality.

  • This update requires phpHtmlLib v2.6.7 or later!
  • Fixed initializion bug when Adding Events to an Event Group. Events were by default not being assigned to the correct group.
  • Fixed pagination bug when managing large number of events. When paging through events the GUI would get confused.
  • Fixed Event Group bug which was propagating the wrong event group to subsequent actions.
  • Added support for Mixed Gender and Combined age groups.
  • Added support for Mixed Gender and Combined Events.
  • Added support for exporting mixed gender event entries in SD3 and HY3 formats.
  • Added support for mixed gender events when importing events.
  • Fixed bug resulting in database error when generating RE1 roster.
  • Re-implemented Roster Export functionality – multiple formats can now be exported. The export can also be limited one gender.
  • Added support for age groups where min age and max age are identical.
  • Added smart processing of 0 as min or max age in HYV event imports, mapping 0 to minimum or maximum age setting as appropriate.
  • Fixed bug in USS Number generation.
  • Fixed bug in HY3 entries generation where E1 record did not contain gender.
  • Fixed reported entry count when exporting SDIF, count was off by 2x.
  • Fixed bug exporting roster by single gender which resulted in no swimmers.
  • Fixed bug which prevented proper HY3 meet entry generation for Opt-In swim meets.

You can find the update in the WordPress plugin repository or on your Dashboard.

2 thoughts on “wp-SwimTeam v1.40 released

  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for a system to help manage our swim team, tigersharks.us, and stumbled on this wp plugin. We don’t need much in the way of functionality, just a way to accept online registrations. To do that, we need to:

    import hy3 & sd3 roster files
    enter parent & swimmer info
    export hy3 roster files

    Can this plugin do that?

    Actually, it would be useful if it could just do an sd3 to hy3 format conversion.

    Hoping to hear back from you and best success,


    • Yes, my Swim Team plugin can do pretty much everything on your list except import the roster. The plugin expects to be the source of the roster and can export a roster in any number of formats (CSV, Hy3, RE1, etc.). Once the data is in WordPress it can export meet entries in either SD3 or HY3 formats. If you are interested in trying it out I can provide access to the demo site (http://demo.wp-swimteam.org).

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