WordPress Google Form v0.58 released

This morning I formally release v0.58 of WordPress Google Form.  Thanks to everyone who did testing of the various beta releases.  The v0.58 release includes a number of improvements to deal with special characters either in responses or in questions.

  1. Fixed bug when radio button and checkbox responses contained apostrophe characters.
  2. Fixed bug when text entry box content contained an ampersand which ended up encoded in the Google sheet.
  3. Fixed bug(s) with plugin settings which are controlled with checkboxes not being able to be unchecked.
  4. Added Reset button to return plugin settings to their default state.
  5. Fixed problem handling newlines (carriage returns) in textarea entries.

You can find the update on your WordPress Dashboard or in the WordPress Plugin Repository.  The released version is functionally the same as beta-3, only the version number is different.

13 thoughts on “WordPress Google Form v0.58 released

  1. Hey Mike,

    Great plug-in! I’m having a bit of a problem. I’m using the plug-in in conjunction with a theme on top of our WordPress website. It seems that most of the text, radio buttons, answers, etc. all start shifting over on top of each other, but the default form itself is fine. Would this be a conflict between the plug-in and the theme? Or am I missing something else completely? http://www.cbc-youth.com/wpgplugin/

    The plug-in works great, form when through and all the info was sent the main email address.

    • When I visit your URL I get a screen shot as opposed to the actual form. The problem you describe is typical, the raw HTML for your Google form is picking up the styling of your theme and doesn’t look very good. These sorts of problems are usually fixed pretty easily with CSS. To really give you any advice though I need to be able to look at the form with Firebug.

        • Your theme has some default CSS defined for form fields and labels which is making your form look funny. To fix it, first you need to enable Custom CSS, you do that on the plugin settings page (Dashboard->Settings->Google Forms). Second, in the Custom CSS entry box add the following:

          div.ss-form-container label {
          float: none;
          width: auto;

          div.required-message {
          display: none;

          div.ss-q-title label {
          display: none;

          This should clean your form up quite a bit. If you need additional help let me know but it is basically CSS tweaks to make it look the way you want it to. A tool like Firebug is invaluable for figuring these out.

    • That is a function of your theme. When you view the form directly, as opposed to when it is embedded on a page with a shortcode, it is being rendered with the default template for your theme. On your side it looks like pages render without the side bar due to the template for pages.

      I suspect if you copy your theme’s page.php template to single-wpgforms.php it would probably work.

  2. Mike thanks for your earlier help and a great plug in.
    I have a new question.

    Google forms allows you a mechanism to prepopulate a field in the form.


    Is there a way to do this with your plug in so I could give people a custom link and it would do a similar think with needing to create a separate form in wordpress?

    • Yep, just use the prefilled form URL that Google generates as the URL when creating your form within WordPress.

      • Michael,
        I know how to it with separate forms, but as I plan to need several dozen of these, I was hoping there was a way to call a single form and pass the info to it. Essentially that is how the google form works. I’d like to be able to have a custom link
        and have that put http://www.intelassets.com in the first field

        but use the same structure, namely
        and have your URL placed in the field.

        I suspect the answer is no, but it would save some hassle if you could.

        • To make sure I understand what you are trying to do, you want to do the following:

          1. Define a single Google Form within Google Docs
          2. Setup a single Google Form within WordPress using the WordPress Google Forms plugin
          3. Reference the Google Form using the WordPress permalink BUT preset some of the entries using additional parameters

          Do I have that correct? If so, it is an interesting problem and the only way I could see it working was IF you did something similar to how the custom validation works. You would have to know the exact syntax for the ID of the field you want to preset. Even then, I am not sure if WordPress would pass the parameter through, I’d have to play with it. If it works, it would have a URL format something like this (depending on permalink style):


          Let me think about this. If it doesn’t look to difficult I’d be happy to add it.

        • I think I have what you are looking for working (see this) in a v0.59-beta-1 release (on my web site).

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