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I’ve gotten a rash of questions about Email Users lately.  Most of the questions revolve around users not receiving email messages.  In some cases the users don’t receive email messages because their settings aren’t set correctly.  I am in the process of adding some information to Email Users to make it obvious when this is the case.  The first thing I am working on is a Dashboard Widget.




Should anything else appear on this widget?

5 thoughts on “Email Users Dashboard Widget

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  2. Can this widget be hidden based on user role?

    • Can you provide an example of what you want to do? Right now it is only visible to users who have the ability to send email or notifications.

      • Even though I give my users the ability to send email or notifications they don’t need to notified of the default user settings or the user stats that are displayed in the dashboard widget. I would like the ability to reserve that for admins only. Is that possible?

        I have a second question. Is it possible to restrict what user names appear in the list of recipients when a user is sending to individual users? For example I would like to be able to remove all admins from that list. Thanks.

        • The ability to control visibility to the widget certainly could be controlled by role or capability. The question is what it should be? I could define a custom capability but then would need to provide a user interface to assign that capability but I’d really rather not do that.

          Regarding the ability to restrict a list of names – there is no way to do that. If a user has the ability to send email to a user, they have the ability to send email to any user. Filtering the list, while possible, isn’t a trivial thing to do and is a rather unique requirement.

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