Work-Around for Google Forms problem

It is no longer necessary to use this work-around, the WordPress Google Forms plugin now supports the new version of Google Forms.  This post remains here are part of the development history of the plugin.

Thanks to a tip form Kevin Dillon, a work-around to the problem with new Google Forms has been identified!  Legacy Google Forms are still available IF you start creating the form by opening a SpreadSheet first.  Once the spreadsheet is open, select “Create a legacy Form” from the “Tools” menu.  The form editor and published URL will be the same as those that had worked prior to the Google Forms update.


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  1. Thank you so much for your post. I’ve been looking for something like it for 2 days. You made my day!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I knew what the problem was but couldn’t find the way to create the old embed code.

  3. Thanks so much for this! It worked earlier, but unfortunately Create a Legacy Form option is no longer available. :/

    • Google made a change recently and the work-around is no longer required. I did a bunch of testing with new forms earlier this week and they worked as expected.

  4. Hi Mike, for some reason since they made that update a few days ago, the new forms I create don’t take on my custom formatting from the plugin. I’m dropping in the URL part of the embed code just as before, and have also tried the live form URL (which actually seems to be the same) but no luck. Any ideas?

    • You may have to re-visit your custom CSS with the new forms. I had to do this with my Help and Support form. I didn’t look at the HTML too closely but it looks like the structure of the HTML that google is sending is slightly different so if you employed some very specific selectors, they may not work any more and you’ll have to redefine them.

  5. Hi, Mike, Your plugin is excellent. But I have a problem with multipage forms. Only the last page answers are registered. Can I do something to fix it? Can you?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Any idea why my forms keep saying “You must have missed a thing or two” upon pressing “Submit?” The form is 100% complete. I haven’t changed anything since I installed it and it worked fine. Thanks!

  7. Hello!

    I´m having the same problem than Hunter Wilson,

    It´s a multipage form.

    And there is another problem with the “multiple choice” “Go to page based on answer” option;

    Depends on what choice it´s selected the form sends you to the next page or to another But with the form embeded using this plugin (it´s working fine on Gdocs) allways sends you to the next page.

    I´m assuming that there is somethig wrong I am doing because nobody else has reported this issue.

  8. The whole urls are changed again. How can i get formkey?

    • Google changed the format of the URL about six months ago. I don’t believe there is any way to get an old style URL (one which contains formkey) from a new form. You need to use the new URL format if you’ve defined a new form. I also recommend moving forms away from the complex “gform” shortcode syntax to the new Custom Post Type and “wpgform” syntax.

  9. The v0.58 works with WordPress 3.7.1?
    I cannot redirect to my thanks page and the confirmation email is not sent.

    • Is this a new installation or was it working previously but is no longer working?

      • It is a new installatin made today.

        • Is the page visible somewhere? Probably the best thing is to fill out my Help and Support form so I can take a look at it see if there is anything obvious.

          • I have the same issue above. However, the forms I created before the update worked, the ones created after the update did not work.

          • You need to be more explicit on what doesn’t work in order for me to help you. The plugin definitely supports the new version of forms as most of my forms and most of the help requests I get are using new forms. Did you use the correct URL? This is by far the most common problem I see. You need to use the URL provided by the “Share this Form” button. The URL usually ends with “/viewform”. Which short code are you using? If you are still using the orignal gform shortcode, you should switch to defining your forms with the Dashboard UI (Dashboard->Google Forms->Add New Google Form) in conjunction with the wpgform shortcode. The original shortcode, while still included in the plugin, is no longer recommended and hasn’t been for some time.

  10. Is this plugin now compatible with the new Google forms. As far as I can see it is no longer possible to create a ‘Legacy form’ in Google Drive.

  11. halo…so now the legacy form is no longer inside the list.
    so which form is going to use ?
    is it embed form?

    • Nope. Create a Google Form within Google Docs and when you’re done, choose the button for “View Live Form”. The URL for the live form is the URL you want to use when setting up your form within WordPress.

      • ok. thanks for reply .
        but now i got one question how to check ip address for google?
        this one i totally no idea.

        • What are you trying to do? Verify an IP address entered in a form belongs to Google? If so, I have no idea how you’d do that. I am sure Google has quite a few address blocks assigned.

          • because i had read the above comment. they mention that google IP will change. then how to solve this problem?

          • I just read through the entire string of comments on this post again and I don’t see any reference to a Google IP address changing. There is a mention of the URL format changing and it is no longer an issue. If you create a Google Form now, the URL format Google generates will work with the plugin.

    • Good luck with your project. I don’t think the article you referenced is still valid because it is no longer possible to create forms using the process outlined there. That is why there is a note at the top of my post that states what my plugin now supports the current URLs for Google Forms. Your issue seems to have no bearing on WordPress at all, it appears you ended up here due to a link on an Arduino post.

      • i got one question .
        is it it work with arduino by connecting cable to laptop and use laptop upload data
        can use ethernetshield as gateway to upload the data through router?

  12. hi there
    just wondering if you could help me. I’ve created a google form and it’s working. the only problems in when some people click on the link to the page it only opens half the form. on most computers when you click the down arrow on the keyboard you can scroll down and submit the form. However on tablets there isn’t an option to do this. I was just wondering why this happens-or how can a person using a tablet see the rest of the form and submit it. thanks

  13. how to get the form key ???

    • You don’t need the form key to use the plugin. You do need the full URL to the Google Form – that is the only required value to make a form work with the plugin. Everything else is optional.

  14. can’t leave a reply ?

    • Sorry for the delay, there is something wrong and I am not getting comment notifications from my site so didn’t know I had a pile of them stacked up.

  15. Should I submit it manually every time? Can’t be submitted through the URL?

  16. I checked your comments, you have said that now google form changed its format. How to find form key now? Can you help?

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