Email-Users 4.4.1-beta-1 available

I have fixed a couple of minor bugs, added German Language support and introduced new functionality to send email to a custom list of users based on meta data.  The ability to target a specific list of users based on user meta data is a feature that was requested a while back on the WordPress support form.

The new Customer Meta Filter List functionality allows the the site to create a custom list of users by adding an action in either the theme’s functions.php file or in a stand-alone plugin.

EU_SS_04 EU_SS_05

Unfortunately I ran into a WordPress limitation while working on this functionality.  The  ability to match user meta data through the WordPress get_users() API doesn’t work as expected with the LIKE and NOT LIKE comparisons.  In an effort to protect the SQL, WordPress wraps the value being compared with wildcards to the match is either too permissive (matches too much) or too restrictive (matches to little).

I have opened a WordPress Trac ticket and submitted a patch for this problem but until it gets fixed (or the patch in the Trac ticket is applied), only standard comparisons work.  The “Last Name: M” example won’t work without the patch nor will the “First Name: Not D”.

I have written an example plugin to create the above filters, you download it and drop it into  your plugins directory to see menus like shown above:

Email Users Custom List (7600 downloads )

Please download and test the beta release.  Report back any issues and I’ll do what I can to fix them quickly.

Email Users Beta (13738 downloads )