Email Users v4.3.15 is now available

This afternoon I released v4.3.15 of Email Users. This update includes a number of enhancements, some bug fixes, and a bunch of translation improvements. Thanks in particular to Ponç J. Llaneras for helping with the myriad of translation issues.

  • Replaced use of deprecated function the_editor() with wp_editor().
  • Fixed Javascript conflict which affects Dashboard and Menu Management resulting from enqueing the WordPress ‘post’ library.
  • Fixed bug where user settings are not saved correctly when toggling user setting control.
  • Fixed bug when the dollar sign character ($) appears in the content of a page or post.
  • Added option to include sender in recipient list.
  • Numerous updates to make translation easier.
  • Updated Spanish and French translation files.

You can find the update on your Dashboard or in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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