Adding Custom Post Types to WordPress Google Form

I have been thinking about migrating WordPress Google Form from a shortcode based solution to a Custom Post Type solution.  Today I decided to move from thinking about it to acting on it.  As I add more features the short code complexity has grown quite a bit.  Because the short code contains URLs with special characters, the chance of introducing a syntax error is very high and it is by far the most common support request I receive.

There are a lot of benefits to adding a custom Post Type, among them:

  1. Reduced syntax errors.
  2. Shorter short codes.
  3. No chance of misspelling attribute names.
  4. No chance of having duplicate (or triplicate!) attributes and wondering why the first value isn’t working.
  5. Possibility of having form specific CSS.

I plan to retain the current short code syntax so existing installations will continue to work but will introduce a new short code (likely [wpgform id=’N’]) which can be used in place of the current short code.  Over time I will likely deprecate the older short code but not anytime soon.

The primary reason I am doing this is my desire to connect Google Forms with PayPal which I think I can do using a hook in Woo Commerce.  Having the Google Form as a very simple short code will help me do what I want to do (I think).

2 thoughts on “Adding Custom Post Types to WordPress Google Form

  1. Hi, nice plugin idea however having issues with the wpgform shortcode. Replying to this post as it shows the same error msg (“Unable to process Google Form Short Code”) have been getting with latest version of plugin & WP 3.7.1- . The gform short code works – mostly. Can you point me to docs or posts the explains the Google CPT – sorry not clear on this.

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