wp-SwimTeam v1.27.879 now available

A new build, v1.27.879, is now availble. This build fixes the problem in the Jobs module where previously assigned jobs were not being displayed correctly which resulted in jobs appearing open which actually were not.

This build also addresses a few minor nits which it looks like didn’t make it into the version of the plugin available from the WordPress plugin repository.

  1. I’ve added a new option to Miscellaneous tab to control how time is formatted. Usage of the format is not yet pervasive through the plugin.
  2. Enhanced wpst_meet_schedule shortcode with two new attributes: fmt=’time format’ and ‘showtime=yes|no’. Default is not to show the time and use the time setting from the Miscellaneous tab. The fmt attribute expects a string formatted following the conventions outlined in the PHP date function.
  3. Removed redundant code from Swim Meet module.

The build has been pushed to the WordPress plugin repository and also appears on my Download & Installation page.

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