wp-SwimTeam v1.25.865 now available

This afternoon I released an update to wp-SwimTeam.  This update, v1.25.865, fixes a number of issues and adds some new features.  Key in this build are a number of fixes to allow wp-SwimTeam to work under WordPress Multi-Site.

  1. Fixed issue with missing users when running under Multi-Site.
  2. Fixed User Drop Down select lists to work when running under Multi-Site.
  3. Fixed display of swim meet date in several locations eliminating PHP warning message.
  4. Updated SDIF profile success message presentation.
  5. Added support for Swimmer Labels in SDIF Roster export.
  6. Added support for Swimmer Labels in SDIF Meet Entries export.
  7. Fixed default sort order on Age Groups so it is predictable.

The new build replaces the latest beta release and is available from the Download page and from the WordPress plugin repository.