wpGForm v0.28 released

This morning I released an update to my WordPress Google Form plugin.  I can only assume very few people are using the email confirmation feature because it wasn’t working and I didn’t hear about it until this past weekend!  The email confirmation feature (add the attribute email=’on’ to your short code) will notify the WordPress administrator that a form submission has been made.

The update is now committed and should appear on your WordPress Dashboard shortly.

5 thoughts on “wpGForm v0.28 released

  1. Your update just saved my day. Now both ajax confirmation page and email are working for me. Great work on the Plugin btw!

    P.s. A relatively small but much earned Paypal donation is on it’s way 🙂

  2. The latest update is now showing the form’s messages and submit button in Asian language. Is there a way this can be switched to English or other languages? Thanks.

  3. Nevermind, we got it. The embedded form URL should have &hl=en parameter.

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