wp-SwimTeam v1.20.786 released

I have just pushed out v1.20.787 of wp-SwimTeam.  This release fixes a pretty serious bug in the Jobs module.  If Jobs were assigned using the Swim Meets tab, other jobs could potentially be unassigned, possibly even from prior seasons.  Hopefully my own team was the only one affected by this problem.  The WordPress Plugin repository has been updated as has the Download & Installation page.

4 thoughts on “wp-SwimTeam v1.20.786 released

  1. In investigating what happened with my own team, it appears that the “unassignments” did not actually happen, just the generation of e-mail confirmation messages. So we have not lost our prior records, just confused a slew of parents. Fortunately we caught it pretty quickly so the confusion was minimal!

  2. Mike-
    It may be coincidental but after I upgraded through the WP repository to v1.20.787, every time I click on a tab in swim team it redirects me to the WP login page…maybe the plugin pretty unusable…your login is still active if you want to go take a look…

    • Ollie – Give it a try now. I just changed one file on your site and it appears to be working. I will upload this change to the repository so it will get pushed out. You are the second install that had run into this issue since I released v1.20.x. Now that the fix is working on two sites, both of which have WordPress installed in a sub-directory, I feel pretty confident it is good.

  3. For anyone the redirect to login screen behavior when clicking on a tab, please update to v1.21, the proper fix is now generally available.

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