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  1. I am a wordpress newbie and I have successfully installed your plug-in. I have also created the form that I want to embed. Are there any instructions (that a 5th grader could understand) that would help me embed my form?

    • There are a number of examples on this site, I have added the short code syntax I use to include each form on the page under the form (e.g. see this example).

      Essentially what you need to do is create a similar short code on one of your pages or posts and instead of using the URL I used in my example, use the URL from your published Google Form (if you don’t see the attribute “viewform” in the Google URL it isn’t the right one). There is a detailed explanation of the multitude of short code attributes on the “Other Notes” page within the WordPress Plugin Repository for WordPress Google Form.

      The most common mistake I see people make is they leave the angle brackets (<, >) around their URL when copying the short code from the documentation. Look at the several examples I have posted here and here. Each has a short code underneath the form.

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