wpGForm v0.11 beta

I am currently running a beta version of wpGForm v0.11 here on my site.  The big change for this version if the support for multi-page Google Forms.  You can see how they work using my Sample Multi-Page Google Form.

I am looking for some people to test this version and provide feedback.  If you can check it out and provide some feedback I’d really appreciate it.  There are quite a few changes in this version due to the rearchitecture required to support multi-page forms.  There shouldn’t be any changes to what is actually rendered for the user.

This version also fixes the confirmation page bug that has been present when a custom confirmation page wasn’t specified.  The behavior of the custom confirmation page is slightly different too in this version.


2 thoughts on “wpGForm v0.11 beta

  1. Love the idea. Created a google form. Am running the latest WP. Form is not rendering? Created a confirmation page. Both “Order Inspection” and Order Confirmation” pages are now public on my site. I host on a Shared Server and have access. I know [some] html and am very familiar with WP file management. Confused as to why the form will not render. Form is accessible from URL on browser. Am using Google Chrome. Any help would be wonderful!!

    • If you want to post the form URL I will give it a look. Most of the ones I have looked at had some sort of syntax error. The most recent ones was web site configuration issue that did not allow remote requests.

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