Why Doesn’t My Form Render?

I typically get asked questions several times a week from people trying to use my WordPress Google Form plugin.   The most common problem I see is incorrect shortcode syntax which isn’t real obvious.  If you use the visual editor (which I do) when composing a post of page which includes the gform shortcode, pasting the URL for the Google Form will frequently include the pasted text as a link.  Take a look at these two images.


At first glance the text appears the same and there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the shortcode syntax. However, the first one will not render because it has a link embedded in it.  As I said – not real obvious but leaving the link in will result in an error when trying to render the form.

Removing the link is easy, simply click anywhere within the link and use the Remove Link icon (broken chain) and you’ll end up with shortcode syntax similar to what you see in the second image.