WordPress Google Form plugin v0.16 released

This morning I uploaded a new version of my WordPress Google Form plugin.  This update addresses the three items I noted in this post.  I also expanded the Test Bed Form I have  been using to develop and test the plugin.  If you’re curious, I have added the form to a page on this site.  If you run into a combination that isn’t working and I haven’t accounted for it in the test bed, please let me know and I’ll update my form.

I think I finally have Check Boxes working correctly.  They were a challenge because how PHP (which WordPress uses) pass arrays of information and Python (which Google Forms use for processing) are very different.  Thanks to a tip on the WordPress Hackers Mailing List to a utility called http://httpbin.org I was able to get my plugin to pass the parameters as Google expects them and everything seems to be working correctly.  The update should appear in your WordPress Dashboard fairly soon.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Google Form plugin v0.16 released

    • I have responded on the Support Forum – I definitely think your problem is solvable. Even if you can’t figure out what is generating the extra paragraph and break elements, we can probably find some specific CSS which changes their behavior within just the form DIV element. Take a look at my forum response and we’ll attack it from there.

      • Fixed! This was my first problem that I fixed using Google+ as the communication mechanism. I don’t check Google+ very often (or Twitter or Facebook either for that matter) but it worked great this time.

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