WordPress Google Form bug fix

In the process of trying to solve the multipage Google Form problem, I found a bug with the “Confirmation” page.  When a custom confirmation page isn’t supplied, the plugin is supposed to use the default Google conformation page.  It currently isn’t, instead the page the form is on is rendered again.  This is incorrect behavior and I’ve fixed it in my development thread and it will appear in the next release.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Google Form bug fix

  1. Hello, I just installed your plugin today and came across this issue.

    How do I add Google’s default confirmation page as a custom link? When I added the link and tested it out, I was taken to the default Google form and asked to re-enter my information again.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your time.

    • The easiest way is not to use the ‘confirm’ attribute at all – it will then redirect to the Google Page although there is a bug right now that prevents that from working correctly. I was hoping to figure out the multipage solution before releasing a fix for this bug but so far I can’t get the multipage to work.

  2. Hey – I figured out a workaround.


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