Bug found – PHP 5.3.x incompatibility

The problem which I suspected was due to a plugin conflict turns out to be a PHP 5.3.x incompatibility.  I don’t have a solution yet because I don’t fully understand what changed but I am working on it.  There is no potential of database corruption, the bug simply fails to load the GUI on any of the Swim Team pages except the Overview page.  This bug only affects sites running on PHP5.3.x, sites running on PHP 5.2.x or PHP 4.4.x are not affected and will operate correctly.


I have identified and fixed the problem.  There is a change in PHP 5.3 which affects how objects of a child class can call methods in the parent class.  The syntax which has worked fine until PHP 5.3 occurs in both the wp-SwimTeam plugin and in the phpHtmlLib plugin so both will need to be updated.  I have found several places where the code needs to be updated to the new syntax requirements but still need to do further testing to make sure I have found them all.

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