Ramping back up for Swim Team

I have not done much work on wp-SwimTeam over the past few months but about a week ago I dusted off my virtual machine (have I ever mentioned how much I love VMware Workstation?) in preparation for the upcoming season.  Since I last worked on the project there have been numerous patches for Windows XP (my development area is an XP VM) and WordPress has moved from 2.7 through the 2.8.x releases and is now on 2.9.1.

All new work will be done against 2.9.1 (for now) so I have upgraded WordPress and the plugins that I use in conjunction with wp-SwimTeam.  There are two areas where I will focus on immediately – importing results which I never finished last year and volunteer management.  I’ll probably finish the portion of results I am working on right now and then move on to volunteer management since we’ll need that functionality in March when the MacDolphins do registration.

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  1. Too funny. Looks like swim teams start dusting things off about the same time each year!
    My site is hosted on godaddy, so it seems to still be running.
    You mentioned that you had also worked on a landing page for non-admin users (e.g. Parents).

    I’m open for getting back into this, and trying to remember what I found confusing for the menus last year.
    (I didn’t see the comment from last time, I guess there isn’t a send me a message when new response)

    • Please do send me feedback. At one point last summer I changed the menus quite a bit to make them less confusing so if you haven’t upgraded in a while it is probably worth doing so. As for comment replies, I just realized that the RSS feed for comments isn’t exposed by this theme so I’ll look into that. There is also a “subscribe to comments” plugin I can look at as well.

  2. I subscribed to comments, so I’m seeing these now.
    I’ll open up the interface and make sure of the version I have. I think you also made some updates but didn’t put out a plugin update late last year. Do you have any versions you want to post so I have a clean start?

  3. Here’s the initial feedback. It is fairly simple but for some reason these really kept tripping me up last year.
    Format of feedback is:
    Menu(or left tab):

    Swim Team
    My Swimmers: This is the entire swim team. Is this because we don’t have any swimmers registered to parents?
    Swim Meets: Why is this here? Just for information purposes?
    Results button: No description and pressing it says its not implemented.

    Manage: Is this only visible to admins? or all users? I’d like it to be admins only.
    Swim Meets: I found myself last year constantly going to the Swim Team/Swim Meets to try to enter results. Then getting confused of how to do it.

  4. My Swimmers: These are the swimmers you the logged in user are the parent or guardian of. Each swimmer can have two parents and/or guardians. You are seeing allof the swimmers because your admin user is effectively the parent for all of the swimmers. In your case, the My Swimmers view is the same as the Admin “All Swimmers” view but some of the menu choices will be different.

    Swim Meets (from the Manage menu) – you can enter your whole schedule into wp-SwimTeam and update results as you go through the season. Adding the swim meets allows you to use short codes in WordPress posts. There are a bunch of short codes that let you put things like meet details (including maps) into a post with a simple line of text. See http://demo.wp-swimteam.org for more details.

    Manage: Correct – only visible to Admin users.

    Swim Meets (from the Swim Team menu) – this is where a parent or guardian would indicate scratches during the season. Once I finish implementing results this is where a parent will be able to see the results for their swimmer.

    I can see how without any parents in your system some of the admin/end user functionality might get confusuing.

    Hope that helps.

  5. I found what I think may be a bug. I was setting some things up for this season 2010. I created the season, and Status was set to InActive and I could not set this (greyed out) to active during the add process.
    So I went to 2009 season to change it to inactive (since I didn’t do this at the end of last season), then saved.
    Then I could set the 2010 to active.
    Ok, now for the bug…. Once I was back in the list view, I noticed my 2009 season now had 2010 dates. Also I can’t go back and change the dates to 2009 because 2010 is the oldest date I can choose.

    Along these same lines I didn’t enter the results for the last 2 meets of last season, and now I can’t because I can’t pick 2009 and therefore wp-swimteam says the dates are outside of the season.

    • You can change the active season by updating a season. One of the choices is the status of the season. However, there can only be one active season at a time. I understand what you’re saying about not being able to pick the prior year, that should be a simple fix and I’ll try and get to it in the next day or two.

  6. @Michael Hale
    I just updated wp-SwimTeam and addressed the problem of entering dates for seasons and meets from prior years. Both now let you specify a year up to three years ago.

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