Another Poor Round

I played at Croasdaile Country Club yesterday morning with some of our customers.  I like the course and have played there a couple times.  It was 15 degrees colder in Durham yesterday morning than it was in Cary and we had an 8:30 tee time.  I had gone to the gym ahead of time and didn’t think it would be that cold so I had shorts on when I got there.  It was 37!  Yikes.  Good thing I had on a thermal shirt!

I started out ok but promptly dumped a ball in the water on #2 with a poor tee shot.  That tee shot was somewhat indicative of the rest of the day, I was really getting under the ball a lot and popped a bunch of shots up in the air, even with my hybrid clubs which I can usually hit decently.  I also shanked a number of shots which results in 2 or 3 to recover from.  Bleh.  All said and done – 103 – 4th round in a row above 100 after playing 5 or 6 in the low 90’s and getting close to breaking 90.

Compared to my last round where I was really spraying it off the tee, I got off the tee ok for the most part.  It was my second and third shots which really gave me trouble today.  I am consistently inconsistent.

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