First thoughts on the AT&T Fuze

Last night we were out running some errands and were near the AT&T store.  Since we’re looking at getting phones for Christmas for some of our family members we went inside to do some research on phones and family plans.  While there, I asked the guy helping us if he had a Fuze in yet and he pulled one out from under his desk.

I have really wanted to play with one before committing to it.  The Fuze will replace the Tilt (which I didn’t care for) in the AT&T line up and has the TouchFlo interface which has received good reviews.  TouchFlo is supposed to make the Windows Mobile Pro UI easier to use.

The Fuze is slightly smaller than the Tilt and a quite a bit lighter.  That said, it is still fairly heavy and fairly thick.  It would be easier to carry than the Tilt was I am still not sure I’d want it in my pocket.

Before I make a final verdict, I want to go back and play with it again.  I had three of my children with me so I couldn’t give it my full attention but I found the TouchFlo interface interesting but not real intuitive and surprisingly, not real easy to use.  I couldn’t make it work consistently.  However, the Sales Rep could so it must require some practice to get used to it.