RRoD for our Xbox360

For the second time, our Xbox360 has died due to the Red Ring of Death (aka RRoD) failure.  Since this has happened before, I know what to expect.  I am not as annoyed as I was last time because Microsoft has changed their warranty policy and will fix it and they have finally addressed the problem with downloadable content licenses.  I do still need to chase down the fact that all of our licenses didn’t get transfered last time but I will wait until the box returns.

I am actually not all that disappointed that the box failed.  It was really loud – I am hoping the replacement doesn’t have such a loud fan.  This unit has been much louder than the first one we had since we received it and the fan kicks on more frequently as well.

In the meantime, I have another Xbox at home which I had at work.  I had found an Xbox360 Elite (the black one) on Craig’s List a while back for $200 so I bought it thinking I’d take our original down to the beach house.  I didn’t have all of the pieces when I was last down there so the Elite has been sitting on my desk unused.  Depending on what we get back from Microsoft, I may just keep the Elite at home and take the replacement to the beach or put the replacement down in the basement.

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