wp-SwimTeam v0.1.375 – Age Group Cutoff fixes and more

I have just uploaded  v0.1.375 of the wp-SwimTeam plugin to the downloads page.  This build fixes an issue with swimmers who have birthdates in close proximity to the age cutoff AND they are at the maximum age.  The calculation of the “adjusted” age was incorrect in some cases resulting in swimmers not being able to be registered.

In addition to fixing this problem, I added some additional error checking and validation around swimmer birthdates and registering for an active season.  The Add Swimmer capability now includes an “override” to allow swimmers who are too old to be added to the database.  This is being done to support team records, which likely has swimmers who have long since aged out of swim team.

This build also fixes an issue with database queries that appears from time to time when a large number of swimmers was in the database.  The query infrastructure has been improved to leverage the existing WordPress query structure.

There were also a few more UI clean up changes.

This build has not had an extensive amount of testing but I believe it is an improvement over the last build.  I hope to get some solid testing in tonight using a dump from the MacDolphins database.

wp-SwimTeam v0.1.357 available

This morning I uploaded v0.1.357 of the wp-SwimTeam plugin.  You can download it from the download page.  Note the bump of the minor version number from 0 to 1 in this build.

This build completes the changes to the option model for the optional fields for users and swimmers.  In prior builds the optional fields were hard coded at 5 for both swimmers and users and the data was stored as part of the user and swimmer records.  This build allows an administrator to set the number of optional fields for users and swimmers (independently) and offers several new types of optional fields (required and optional URLs and e-mail addresses) and stores optional data in a separate table.

The extent of this change was pretty extensive which is why there hasn’t been a release in almost a month.  Unfortunately the old option data is not migrated to the new table so if you are using optional fields, you may have to re-enter some data.  I had to do this with my own swim team.  It is a nuisance.  The old data is still in the database in the users and swimmers table but not accessed.

This build also fixes numerous GUI nits with messages and guidance, it should all be consistent now although I am sure I have missed something.  It also fixes a bug with age groups when swimmer label prefixes are not being used.

I strongly recommend backing up your database before installing this update!