WordPress Google Form v0.46 beta 11 available

Things are finally settling down and I am able to spend some time on my WordPress plugins.  I updated Email-Users this week and am now focusing on WordPress Google Form.

Shortly before I went out on vacation I learned from one of the people who has been testing beta releases that the CAPTCHA functionality was no longer working.  I took a quick look at it and sure enough, somewhere between Beta 5 and Beta 10 I broke something and the CAPTCHA was not working but oddly enough, it was only broken on some browsers (e.g. Chrome) but worked on others  (e.g. Firefox).  These sort of bugs are a pain to chase down and with work being very busy and my family and I getting ready to go on a week long trip to Ireland, I decided to wait until I came back to figure out what was wrong.

It turns out I had introduced a very subtle syntax error in the jQuery script which defines which form fields are validated.  I am still surprised it works in Firefox but not in Chrome.  Regardless, it is fixed in Beta 11.

This bug affected me quite a bit as I have the beta version running on my site for Help and Support Requests and I had a slew of spam responses while I was out on vacation.  Hopefully in my clean up I didn’t delete any real requests!

There are a lot of new features in v0.46, please refer to this post from about a month ago which shows how to request an email address from a user as part of the submission.  This post explains how the new Google Form Custom Post Type (CPT) works.

Google Forms Beta (1317 downloads)

Emai-Users v4.4.3-beta 1 now available

I have posted a beta release of Email-Users v4.4.3 for testing purposes. This build addresses a problem with using the new Meta Filter functionality with a set of users and also fixes a situation which can result in duplicate emails when Notifications (Page or Post) are sent by selecting both Roles and Users.

Email Users Beta (945 downloads)

Email-Users 4.4.2 released

Yesterday I released an update to Email-Users which addressed a problem when using the Email to Groups function.  Too many users were incorrectly being selected as part of the group due to an initialization bug which has been fixed.

You can find the update in the WordPress Plugin Repository or via an update on your WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Google Form Update

I have spent some time comparing low level WP_Http results against wget results and have come to the conclusion that Google Cookies aren’t being passed through the series of redirect which happens when viewing a Google Form with the new URL scheme.

Unfortunately I am not sure what to do about it yet.  The usually very helpful WordPress Hackers mailing list is surprising quiet right now.  I am trying to figure out if I can “remember” cookies and pass them along each time a redirect happens.  I am reasonably confident that is what is needed however making it happen within the WordPress context is another story!

Google change to breaks WordPress Google Form

Last week Google introduced a significant update to Google Forms.  In addition to a very different UI, the format of the public URL has changed AND more importantly, it has broken my WordPress Google Form plugin.

The change only seems to affect forms created from scratch using the new version of Google Forms.  My plugin is dependent on the WordPress HTTP API to retrieve the form from Google and with the new URL format, the API is returning an error.  I am trying to figure out what Google doesn’t like.

What is odd is I am able to successfully retrieve the form using the wget utility (a Unix command line tool for retrieving remote content) however wp_remote_get() doesn’t work.

I wish had some better news to report but right now I am stumped as to why this isn’t working.

If anyone has any ideas, I have posted some of the low level debug stuff on PastBin.

Email Users v4.3.15 is now available

This afternoon I released v4.3.15 of Email Users. This update includes a number of enhancements, some bug fixes, and a bunch of translation improvements. Thanks in particular to Ponç J. Llaneras for helping with the myriad of translation issues.

  • Replaced use of deprecated function the_editor() with wp_editor().
  • Fixed Javascript conflict which affects Dashboard and Menu Management resulting from enqueing the WordPress ‘post’ library.
  • Fixed bug where user settings are not saved correctly when toggling user setting control.
  • Fixed bug when the dollar sign character ($) appears in the content of a page or post.
  • Added option to include sender in recipient list.
  • Numerous updates to make translation easier.
  • Updated Spanish and French translation files.

You can find the update on your Dashboard or in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Email Users v4.3.15-beta-3 available

This morning I made a beta-3 version of Email Users v4.3.15 available for download from this site. I still hope to incorporate as many translation package updates as I can before the final release.

This latest beta version fixes some bugs where the names and ids or users or roles was not displayed in the recipient lists.

Download the beta release and please let me know if you run into any issues.

Email Users Beta (945 downloads)

WordPress Google Form v0.45 now available

This afternoon I released v0.45 of my WordPress Google Form plugin.  After validating the changes I made in the beta with a user who was dealing with a polluted jQuery script, it looks like moving the jQuery script into the WordPress footer action is the right answer.

You can find the update in the WordPress Plugin Repository or as an update on your WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Google Form v0.44 now available

This morning I released v0.44 of WordPress Google Form.  This is a minor update which addresses a problem reported in the WordPress Plugin Support Forum.  This update fixes the problem where the settings which are on by default, cannot be turned off.  You can find the update in the WordPress Plugin Repository or as an update on your WordPress Dashboard.